25 Fresh, funny and creative print advertisement

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This world is filled with imaginative heads either its a magazine design, tooth paste ad or spreading out information to people. Adding humor to a advertisement design will definitely grab attention of viewers and they will remember that product for long time. Nowadays people are more concern with viewing funny video or pictures on internet than watching or reading other things. To make your product stand up in front of competitors its mandatory to add some spice and humor in your advertisement.

Here are some of the fresh funny and creative advertisement, which will obviously make you laugh.

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1. New Lobo With Rear View Camera

New Lobo With Rear View Camera

2. Precision Laser Tattoo Removal

Precision Laser Tattoo Removal

3. Pro Plus: Stay Alert

Pro Plus: Stay Alert

4. Terrible Smell

Terrible Smell

5. Bad Breath

Bad Breath

6. Aufait Daily News: Black box

Aufait Daily News: Black box

7. Don’t Waste Your Creativity

Don't Waste Your Creativity

8. Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancelling

9. Touch Him

Touch Him

10. Funny Combinations

Funny Combinations

11. Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself

12. Picasso



13. Won’t Feel Uncomfortable

Won't Feel Uncomfortable

14. Date a Dog: Young Man

Date a Dog: Young Man

15. Autograph of dog

Autograph of dog

16. Better Gear

Better Gear

17. Swimmer


18. For Persistent Headaches

For Persistent Headaches

19. Amour.com


20. Water and sun proof

Water and sun proof

21. EPA Panamericana School of Art and Design: Pencil

EPA Panamericana School of Art and Design: Pencil

22. Machine Cut Chicken

Machine Cut Chicken

23. Bic shave

Bic shave

24. Touch Him

Touch Him

25. Don’t Let Stains Settle Down

Don't Let Stains Settle Down


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  • http://www.multyshades.com/ Multyshades

    Very funny but also creative work, i liked bad breath and protect yourself:)

    • http://www.webanddesigners.com WAD

      Bad breath is fun

      • http://www.unitednationalcerebralpalsylawyer.com/ Cerbral Plasy

         No it’s not, especially if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, then it would be disguising.

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  • http://www.effexorbirthdefectlawyer.com/ effexor birth defects

    Creat and creative ads, thanks for sharing.

  • http://weboutsourcing-gateway.com/ web development

    Those are really funny ads. I like Pro Plus:Stay Alert; it is the funniest for me. I also like Funny Combination; I salute the creativity. More to come.