40+ Scintillating Examples of Night Photography


Photography is the process, activity, and art of creating still pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors. Night photography refers to photographs taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. No doubt night photography is one of the hardest types in photography field, not only because the subject is hard to find but also because the shadows will make it more difficult for the photographer to take a good shot. Night photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light or using a long exposure, exposing the scene for seconds or even minutes, in order to give the film enough time to capture a usable image. Night photography has gained wide spread popularity nowadays due to the advancement in camera technology. Here i have a showcase of beautiful night photography for your inspiration. This showcase of night photos speaks loudly about the great rule of light in this type of photography and how talented photographers can use it to create different styles and effects of night photographs. Enjoy!