51 top travel website design examples

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Travel websites often feature large, attractive photos because of their emphasis on visual appeal. In this post we’ll look at 50+ well-designed websites from the travel industry for your own design inspiration. Some are state or government tourism websites, and others are for hotels or business involved in the travel industry.

A proper website works as a essential tool for all kind of travelers, so travel sites should simple, easy to use and clutter less.


1. Experience Washington

Experience Washington

2. Villa Bianca Hotel

Villa Bianca Hotel

3. Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville Landing

4. MacAllan Ridge

MacAllan Ridge

5. Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge

6. Monterey, CA

Monterey, CA

7. Service Plus Inns and Suites

Service Plus Inns and Suites

8. Club Manche Attractive

Club Manche Attractive

9. Visit Snowy Mountains

Visit Snowy Mountains

10. Hotel Paradiso

Hotel Paradiso

11. Trent Cruising

Trent Cruising

12. Lanyon Holiday Cottages

Lanyon Holiday Cottages

13. West City Hotel

West City Hotel

14. Baja Vacations

Baja Vacations

15. The Porches Inn

The Porches Inn

16. Vacation Rental Station

Vacation Rental Station

17. Visit Idaho

Visit Idaho

18. GoHawaii.com


19. Bahamas.com


20. Visit Maine

Visit Maine

21. Visit San Antonio

Visit San Antonio

22. Tennessee Vacation

Tennessee Vacation

23. Signature Attractions

Signature Attractions

24. Go Glamping

Go Glamping


25. Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows

26. Live Africa

Live Africa

27. Ausmag


28. Fall for Tennessee

Fall for Tennessee

29. Summertime in Tennessee

Summertime in Tennessee

30. Springtime in Tennessee

Springtime in Tennessee

31. Tennessee Winter

Tennessee Winter

32. Lanikai Properties

Lanikai Properties

33. Visit Cascadia

Visit Cascadia

34. Lake Crackenback

Lake Crackenback

35. Adventure Trekking

Adventure Trekking

36. Design Hotels

Design Hotels

37. Assaroe Falls

Assaroe Falls

38. Hotel Guarda Golf

Hotel Guarda Golf

39. Little Palm Island


40. Trump


41. MGMGrand


42. Tomahawk Hotel

Tomahawk Hotel

43. Palms Hotel


44. Atlantis – The Palm

Atlantis – The Palm

45. Travelodge


46. Plaza Athenee


47. Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

48. Beverly Hills Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel

49. Novotel


50. Hotel Missoni

Hotel Missoni

51. Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas

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