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A nice blog with perfect content but NO visitors, what should one do? How to increase website traffic? Does increasing traffic create the real effect? Here we have this write up justifying good classification of traffic flow. How one can make the most through flowing visitors, hope this article will guide you achieve the right kind of target visitors more often.





1. Hire a Good SEO and/or Internet Marketer

Hire a Good SEO

When the product is good it is necessary to find someone who can value that product and make its way through the consumer in a good way. We all know making a profit from a blog in no time but maintaining the ratio on profit is important. We have quality posts and subjects but there is no one to visit us, that is something we don’t want for our blog so we need a complete and sustainable marketing strategy. When we take about strategy in internet marketing we cannot forget SEO,the happiest case is when the admin of the blog has solid background in the SEO and Internet marketing fields. Many a times it is not the case ,we don’t need to worry on the fact as there are number of people who has knowledge about blogs, in the or else it is recommended to hire somebody .The job of a SEO or Internet marketer specialist is very important as they are hired with a purpose to bring a greater audience. For bloggers audience means money! Ensuring good traffic is a long term project and only very few find a shortcut and reach a high number of visitors in a small period of time so don’t think about the pay of the specialist as you are going to earn from what he/she is going to work at.

2. Post Only Quality write up

 Post Only Quality write up

There are number of tricks that can be used to make visitors reach you. The blog is a HIT when people are dragged in to the blog and they visit again and again. Fascinating people by a blog is difficult task but it is nothing in compare sticking people to the blog. As the competition is high and Internet is a huge platform, there are many similar resources and valuable blogs, even if you are a loyal reader, there is still high a chance that you could abandon a certain blog for another. So the only way out is to provide quality writes up that people are interested in. Achieving recognition of a blog with correct pieces of information, relevant posts, awesome sources of inspiration will bring you the status of authority and will certainly represent an indicator of your quality. So before actually promoting your blog be assured you have quality write up.

3. Try not being vague catering to all

Be Focused on a Specific Topic It’s always a WIN WIN situation when people you cater are ready to read whatever you post. But this can be dangerous as there are very few people of this kind, rest are people belonging to a particular niche and our attempt should be keeping them with us and not losing on them .So a blog should have a topic, a core idea on which the posts are based, as visitors return to you in search of the information. At times you can have some other post that can help your visitor and is informative.


4. Be Communicative and Helpful with Your Readers

Effective communication is very important, let consider something that you are writing does not reach or impress your visitor, he/she is never going to come back. This is a very scary situation for any blogger as one blogs as they can have a community around them and not a pale audience. It is a Must attribute of any write up that whatever you are writing is simple and the visitors likes it. Like it not because it has a strong dialogue that the visitor does not understand and just leave a comment .Like it because one can share his/her version in it. In simple ,the write up should be communicative enough to make the visitors give feedback and recommend their friends.

5. Always be Open to New Idea

Always be Open to New Idea

When you have your post ready, you have a good SEO to be happy on you have regular visitor. You can’t yet relaxes as the business environment is changing, Web being the biggest buzz in the market is very dynamic. As a person and Blogger one should be in track of the changing nature and the competition it brings. So don’t be happy with your blogs performance always look up. New ideas can come from anywhere so welcome new changes like promoting new bloggers, a link exchange, banner exchange, PPC (pay per click) can be positive in the optimization process. Going through the emails can be effective as there are number of approaches and proposals so don’t miss on opportunity!

6. Pay Attention to the Way of Monetization of the Blog

There are number of way in which blog can be monetized. Internet today is the biggest platform for advertising, be it huge company or newcomers everyone are marketing over internet. Paid banner placement, affiliate marketing are the most popular means, try on it but PAY attention when you are placing it as have a sense of aesthetics when you are doing so. As visitors are important to you as a blogger and the banner belongs to someone’s. Have banners but don’t let it overshadow your page.

7. Giveaways always work

Giveaways always work

Nothings comes free, if you want your readers to come back you have to give them something other than good content. So give rewards to your reader as “giveaway”, giveaway always works. Many blogs have been using this gimmick, why should we be behind.

At last wraping up a good blog is the one that provide useful resources on your website, resources that make people feel thankful that you put in the time and effort and trust me they will visit you more often. Hope the thing stated above will help you increase traffic flow in an effective way.

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    Very useful post….thanks for the tip

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  • http://esvelte.com Shawn Jasper

    I agree with all 7 ways to improve the traffic. Could you please give me an example of those “giveaways” though? How can they claim them?

  • http://www.webanddesigners.com Snigdha

    @ shawn
    It depends upon what the blog is about, for web blogs it can be free templates, software, free subscription etc.
    An email will be sent by blog owners to winners. The email address of the winners can be used to claim a prize.
    @Areeb thanks

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    It’s a good post, but the biggest problem of all blog owners is the launch of them site. I think that the first step is quality contents and the second is advertise them. Thank you for your good info!!

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