75+ Websites To Submit Your Design News


Getting exposure is not easy, this is why i made this post. I feel bad, because there are many talented blog writers, that don’t get noticed. They provide great content, but only get a few views a day. This is where i come in and help. When i first started i was clueless on how to get traffic to my blog. Thanks to all the quality blogs around, i was tought a trick or two. To gain exposure you have to submit your content to user news sites. With my own experience, i guarantee you will gain more traffic and loyal readers. Make sure to take your time and don’t rush. Think of your content as being a resource, that people will be using over and over again. Below i have listed websites you can submit your user news to. Although these are design related don’t forget the two big ones, facebook & twitter. They will be a huge key for building your brand on the web.