An Infographic on Responsive Web Design


A responsive approach to web design has recently become a standard in the global design community. The main feature of the web is its fluidity, and it demands the same solutions in website designs. That is the reason for extreme popularity of responsive designs that appear here and there at a rate of knots. Being fluid-width and adaptive, responsive websites cater for any possible screen resolution the major of which are 980px, 768px, 480px and 320px. They have become a huge trend due to the portable device boom, and itís hard to imagine todayís web without these innovative designs.

If you want to create really efficient responsive website, you should learn more about this technology. To see the way responsive design picked up steam and follow the main steps of its development, it would be wise to find some trustworthy sources. And what can present this information better than a well-written and effectively designed infographics?

An Infographic on Responsive Web Design

Here is the one, the Responsive Web Design infographic, that contains the ultimate information about the question we are talking about. Its creative data visualization shows the main milestones of responsive web design progress and its interactivity makes the process of browsing this information captivating. It contains the basic theory, statistics, calendar, useful tips, analytical and inspirational articles, professional tutorials & everything that helps to learn more about this trend and build your own responsive website.

Responsive design is the latest huge trend in the online society, but not the last one. The world of web is changing quickly, and who knows how many great design ideas will be implemented in the nearest years.

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Katarina Klementi is a columnist now working at TemplateMonster. Through personal and professional experience she illuminates the latest news in the sphere of web design and brings them in the focus of your attention.
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