FAQs of Logo Designing – an Entrepreneur’s Perspective


My previous post was about some important FAQs from the view point of a logo designing professional. I hope that would have been as beneficial for my fellow designer as I expected it to be. This post is more of a sequel to the previous post, however, it addresses to the FAQs from the point-of-view of a business owner or an entrepreneur. A logo is very important for your business, and more important than a logo is a ‘good logo’. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind while getting a logo designed for your company. Your company’s logo should be the symbol for everything that your company represents. When a customer looks at your logo, it should act as an immediate call-to-action and they should be able to quickly recall your services. This is called brand awareness. Brand awareness is basically the act of creating public awareness of your brand in order to maximize its recognition. A good logo is one of the most successful brand awareness strategies that define a company’s uniqueness and sets it apart from its competitors.