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Whenever you have a website, it is all about bringing in as many people as possible to the site. There is a lot of new technology to bring even more people than ever to your website. As more people are arriving, it is important to make sure you have a website you actually want people to see. This will ensure the increase in traffic will mean an increase in revenue as well. When people are happy with what they see, they are more willing to buy, according to Money Magazine. This is why you should first make some necessary changes to your web design, start issuing QR codes where possible and ask for feedback. This will help in making sure you are getting more traffic, which will result in more revenue.


Make Some Initial Changes to Site Design

Before you go out and try to bring any more traffic to your site, you should take a good look at the site itself. The design of the site should make a visitor feel welcome and interested in what you have to offer. If you do not feel your site is accomplishing this, ask yourself why and make the necessary changes to address the problems you see. Consider things like navigation issues, the focus of the page being off and slow load times. These are all things you can improve to make sure when people show up to your site they will stick around a little while. After all, the more people are on your site, the more chances you have to get them to buy something.


Issue QR Codes

In order to bring more people to the site, you might think about issuing QR codes. These are the codes which look like a stamp, but are made up of black and white patterns. People can use their smartphone to scan the code. As soon as they do, they are taken directly to your site. One way you can accomplish this is to print a QR barcode on receipts if you have a retail location. Simply generate the QR code and have it printed on your receipts through the POS system. If you do not use a POS system, or you do not have a physical location, you can always print out brochures with your QR code on them. This will allow people who are interested in seeing what you have to offer to scan the code and instantly be taken to the site. The more you give out brochures or anything else with the QR code on it, the more chances you have for people to travel to the site.

Look for Feedback to Make Improvements

As people are traveling to the site, ask them for feedback. You can see what it is they like or dislike about the design of your website. In order to get the feedback you are looking for, you can offer a discount on merchandise or service. The feedback is invaluable to learn from those who are using the site what it is they like or dislike about it. It is best if you can create a form visitors can fill out whenever they are giving you feedback. Make sure to include a section where the visitor can leave feedback in an open forum style. You can use this information to improve the site and have the kind of web design which will actually get you the kind of attention you are looking for. Best of all, you can use the email addresses gathered in the process to start an email marketing program.

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