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40 Best & Beautiful PSD Slicing Websites

All the graphical images present on a website are developed in Photoshop, but these cannot be directly uploaded in the website as the web browsers do not support PSD format files. To resolve this issue, the PSD files need to be converted into XHML or other formats and then uploaded in the website. PSD slicing…

Building Your Game Site to Order

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If making a game were easy, everyone would do it. It’s more than just having a good idea. It’s about planning and getting the right help to make your gaming dream come alive for the long haul. Web based games are a popular option for many, and a website may be the right venue for…

Looking Inside Depositphotos

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If you are looking for good stock photo agency in the internet, Depositphotos is one of the bests you can find. This website has improved and developed a lot since it was founded in 1999 by Dmitry Sergiev. Now it has over 12 million files in their library and get rank 6 in Google Pagerank….

How to Alienate Your Mobile Audience

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As the Internet becomes even more commonplace and accessible, thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, alienating your audience is even easier than before, too. It’s as simple as neglecting proper design for mobile sites, rendering them inaccessible to those who prefer their handy iPhone over a full size desktop computer.

Top 160 WordPress Tutorials

Wordpress is a world’s most popular open source CMS (content management system) and blogging tool based on PHP and MySQL. Almost a decade after its release it has gained popularity around the Web. It is highly customisable tool from which from a simple website to highly overloaded content or even ecommerce website can be build….

Role of Size in Logo Design – Bigger or Better?

Designing an inspiring logo is a very tedious job in reality. Logo is considered as the unique identity of a company’s brand. Logo is not a single entity of text or graphics rather an integration of both the elements. Whenever the clients approach a web designer for designing their logo, they demand for jumbo-sized logos….

25 Best CSS3 Animation Tutorials to enhance the look of a Website

CSS3, acronym for Cascading Style Sheets 3, is the third generation of web designers’ language which they use for controlling visual presentation of their websites without getting into many codes. This latest budding set of standards consists of great features and tools that enable better design control and ease to load the sites faster.

Facebook – Is it still meeting our needs for Online Marketing?

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Recently, I’ve been reading posts all over the Internet about the “supposed” inevitable decline of Facebook. In fact, some are claiming that the social network is already on a downward trajectory, spurred by changes in its features, which many members are less enthusiastic about, and the rise of other platforms like Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and…

Tips to Create an Effective WordPress Theme

WordPress is regarded as one of the best open source website development tool. This Content Management System (CMS) was developed by the WordPress Foundation. Plug-in architecture, template system, widgets, themes and multi-user and multi-blogging facility are counted as the few best features of WordPress.

100 Free PSD Web Design UI Elements and mobile kits

Motive of every web or any other sort of designer is to create astonishing design. To start of with any design it would be more preferable to use special tool, wireframes or design mockups previously done by yourself or other designers. It will save ample of your valuable time and gain knowledge about trend designers…