68+ Amazingly Free Grunge Textures


Contrary to the belief of some, grunge design is not necessarily synonymous to dirty. In its essence, grunge art stands for realism. It attempts to specifically reflect the world we live in. The elements and textures included in the design are given a more genuine, sometimes rough, look so viewers don’t feel “transported into a surreal space” but rather closer to the natural environment.

Often, designers choose a grunge look or even a single grunge element in their designs to add a more distinct personality and individual note to the project. So whether you are creating grunge business cards, posters, or web pages, an easy way to do so is with grunge textures and design.

Below are some of the best examples of free grunge textures that ooze the personality and reality that you may need to create outstanding grunge designs.

1. Collection: Grunge in Vivid Colors

Collection: Grunge in Vivid Colors

This collection includes very rare grunge textures that are available in vivid colors to add the “oomph!” that you need for your web design, business cards, and more. The collection features various textures in different colors without loosing the reality that each texture implies.

2. Grunge Melody

Grunge Melody

This is another rare addition to grunge textures as it features a music sheet, faded and old, but still worthy of memory and cognizance.

3. Collection: Grunge with Image Overlays

Collection: Grunge with Image Overlays

Another grunge texture collection, this link offers image overlays. I love the subtle contrast used to emphasize balance and genuine artistry.

4. Grunge in Industrial Setting

Grunge in Industrial Setting

Classic designs set in an industrial setting create the perfect grunge texture like this one. The images are so realistic yet minimal.

5. Blurry Grunge

Blurry Grunge


Do you know that grunge can be nice when blurred? View this amazing collection and see for yourself.

6. Fantastic Paper Grunge Textures

Fantastic Paper Grunge Textures

Going back to the basics also requires going back to where the web really started—in paper. This particular set features six high resolution grunge paper textures which are so realistic, you can almost feel the creases.

7. Go Vintage! Grunge Texture

Go Vintage! Grunge Texture

Vintage is old school and old school is good. Good in what sense, you ask? It creates a feeling of nostalgia, and when we go vintage grunge, we actually celebrate the reality that once was.

8. Grunge in Four Elements

Grunge in Four Elements

This is another high-resolution collection of grunge textures that actually brings you closer to nature. The four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water are artistically depicted in this high res grunge collection.

9. Blood Splat

Blood Splat


10. Luminous Grunge Texture

Luminous Grunge Texture

This collection provides a stark contrast to the tormented grunge designs as it features grunge textures treated with luminescent pearly and opalescent colors.

11. Graffiti Grunge Texture

Graffiti Grunge Texture

This one is a rusty dumpster that someone thought of scribbling unknown characters on without realizing that doing so would create one very appealing grunge texture.

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  • Rita Russell

    When I read the title thought it would be 68 grunge textures listed separately but even so its collaborated within each title. Loved all of the textures thanks.

  • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

    Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the total in the title is the total of textures in the packs.

  • http://www.lightfoottravel.com Kenny Tan

    Wow I love the textures! Would be brilliant for backgrounds. Does your “Free” means free for commercial use? or?

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      In fact many of them are free for commercial use! But you will need to double check the designer’s terms of use to make sure which ones can be used commercially.

  • http://www.snogglenews.com/ Snoggle News

    These textures are perfect for messing around with! I love this style since you can always count and expect to get a decent result.. although It’d tough these days. I haven’t opened Photoshop in months!

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      I bet it would all come back to you in a flash, though! I’m a big fan of grunge designs too.

  • http://www.graphicsfuel.com/ Rafi

    Thanks for including my textures #8. But you could have hyperlinked directly to the original download page of the textures: http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/02/grunge-texture-pack/

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      I’m so sorry that I didn’t include the direct link! I try to do this with all of my compilation articles, so I’m not sure how I missed this. Thank you for pointing this out, and again I’m sorry!