80 Beautiful Dual Screen Wallpapers

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Dual monitors display become more and more popular among web designers, developers, as well as graphics designers. This may due to the price drop for LCD monitors, but I think the most important reason that we use dual monitors is it really increases our working efficiency.

With dual monitors, we can work on different projects simultaneously and also organize our works and tasks efficiently. But for those who like to change their desktop wallpaper frequently, finding dual screen wallpaper is not easy. That’s why we decided to collect and share these 80+ beautiful dual screen desktop wallpapers which related to nature, cosmos, spaces, fantasy, abstract and games.

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1. Firefox


2. Overemphasized


3. Apple


4. Apple 2

Apple 2

5. Advance Tree House

Advance Tree House

6. Dreamy World 18th

Dreamy World 18th

7. Dreamy World 16th

Dreamy World 16th

8. Oxygen


9. Golden Times

Golden Times

10. Face It

Face It

11. The Window

The Window

12. Tidus And Yuna Sad Reunion

Tidus And Yuna Sad Reunion

13. Stretches Miles Away As Far As Can See

Stretches Miles Away As Far As Can See

14. Road To Enclosed Bridge

Road To Enclosed Bridge

15. Snow Plains

Snow Plains

16. Nightime Freeway

Nightime Freeway

17. Moss On Tree Trunks

Moss On Tree Trunks

18. Majestic Sunset Horizon

Majestic Sunset Horizon

19. Mansion


20. Lake Pond

Lake Pond

21. World Panoramas Scenery

World Panoramas Scenery

22. Scenic001


23. Grassy


24. Ue Expanded

Ue Expanded

25. Rtx Wallpaper Wide

Rtx Wallpaper Wide

26. Dual Wall 2D

Dual Wall 2D

27. Fireworks


28. Massive Momentum

Massive Momentum

29. Dual Neuron

Dual Neuron

30. Flux


31. Green Simplicity

Green Simplicity

32. Azure Eye

Azure Eye

33. IPod Nano

IPod Nano

34. Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark

35. Golden Bridge

Golden Bridge

36. Foggy Mist

Foggy Mist

37. A Dreamy World Windows Vista

A Dreamy World Windows Vista

38. Battle Ending Many Lives

Battle Ending Many Lives

39. A Dreamy World Untamed Horse

A Dreamy World Untamed Horse


40. Fog River Bank

Fog River Bank

41. City Disaster

City Disaster

42. Fields Of Root Vegetables

Fields Of Root Vegetables

43. Yunas Crew

Yunas Crew

44. Wonderest Mountain

Wonderest Mountain

45. Grazing Galaxies

Grazing Galaxies

46. Denver on the Green

Denver on the Green

47. Water Drop Splash

Water Drop Splash

48. forest2


49. Ue Supernova 2003

Ue Supernova 2003

50. Not One Of Us

Not One Of Us

51. Ataridual


52. Bleach Collab Special

Bleach Collab Special

53. Sunset Dual

Sunset Dual

54. Lake Dillon East Sunset Panorama

Lake Dillon East Sunset Panorama

55. Broom – Ginestra

Broom - Ginestra

56. Grizzly River

Grizzly River

57. Life In Technicolor

Life In Technicolor

58. Sunshine


59. The Salt Desert Salar The Uyun In Bolivia

The Salt Desert Salar The Uyun In Bolivia

60. Flow


61. Placid


62. Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead Nebula

63. The Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula

64. Golden State Poppies

Golden State Poppies

65. Prairie Sunset

Prairie Sunset

66. Summer Vines

Summer Vines

67. Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising

68. Blue Tiles

Blue Tiles

69. Elementary


70. Blue Sunrise

Blue Sunrise

71. Fireworks!


72. Like These Flowers

Like These Flowers

73. Send Me A Sign

Send Me A Sign

74. Sugar Lake Rainbow

Sugar Lake Rainbow

75. The Opal Lake

The Opal Lake

76. Solanum


77. Paper Planes

Paper Planes

78. Melancholic Rodeo

Melancholic Rodeo

79. Turquoise Reflections

Turquoise Reflections

80. Perros-guirec



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    Extra background especially with that look reminds me of the matrix;)

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    Number 16 is Perth, Western Australia. My home town

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      Wow that’s great we are from Sydney, Australia

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    Oh my! this is just great, I cant pick one up! LOL I will bookmark this web page and change my background weekly now… hahaha! Thanks

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      Hope you like our collection

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    quality and resolution are amazing. thanks for the contribution

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