Building Your Game Site to Order

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If making a game were easy, everyone would do it. It’s more than just having a good idea. It’s about planning and getting the right help to make your gaming dream come alive for the long haul. Web based games are a popular option for many, and a website may be the right venue for the game you want to make.

Designing Your Game

If you’re the idea person who really wants to build a role playing game, or even a good kid’s game, and you’re not really much of a designer, then you need to partner with a game designer. Game designers come up with the when, what, and how of your gaming plan. They will help you figure out what players should learn, when they should learn, and how difficult the lessons should be. They bring the story to life and set the pace of the play. On the technical side, they constantly test predictions and levels so that they can understand the results and be more accurate. The central job of a game designer is to create the experiences and understanding that makes a good game.

Server and Hosting

Designing and configuring your gaming website templates is one thing; figuring out where the game will live is another. Not every webhost can handle your game site. The right machines and hosting are the backbone of your site. Game servers are special servers built to handle multiplayer video games. These servers are both physical machines and the program that resides in the machine. These machines don’t need audio, a monitor, or even USB interfaces, so that helps them to save space that can be used by the operating system.


Listen servers allow the host to participate in the game with players and the server will be cut off if the host stops playing. Because of the host and client participation, listen servers are under extra strain and tend to have less users. A dedicated server is more expensive but it does run independently of the host or the players. It can be available to thousands and you can link the servers together to accommodate even more. The third option that’s gaining some traction is using the cloud. Companies, particularly startups, can rent server space and hire the company to maintain and control the game servers while they concentrate on more important things like better programming improve functionality and user experience.

Creating Clan/Guild Building Options

Good games will have a lot of fans. As your game builds momentum and gets more popular, you may want to think about integrating an option for fans to create free clan or guild sites. If your players don’t have any idea how to build a site, design it, host it, or any other tech detail, you can partner with a website builder that will make this process a breeze. All fans would have to do is sign up through your partner site and choose a customizable template. The site can even have a forum where clan/guild members communicate and have private discussions. While this is free, the profit comes in buying and selling special game money, guides, or artifacts from an eStore.

If you’re passionate about branding your game in a way that builds loyalty and a healthy fan base, starting with good game design will be your cornerstone. Once you create a worthwhile experience for players, they will present great opportunities for you and your game to grow.

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