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Founded in 2005, 123RF.com is one of the best microstock websites on the Internet today. This website has more than 20 million high quality royalty-free content including stock photos, stock illustrations (vector), stock logos, stock footage, and the most recently stock audios with very affordable prices. 123RF.com has reached more than 2 million users and is proof that this website is trusted. They are also quite innovative as they’ve pushed out a lot of programs and innovations to better serve their customers.

For instance, in response to the demand from small-medium businesses and startups, 123RF.com has provided their users with high quality logo. Stephanie Sitt, the CEO of 123RF.com said, “We started 123RF.com Logos as a testbed to see if the demand for affordable high quality logos matched the request that we were receiving. I’m glad to say the investment has paid off and we’re now looking to expand the library into a full-fledged stand-alone product.” The statement clearly indicates that stock logo was provided on the website were to satisfy their customers needs.



Unique Logos

123RF.com’s logos are unique and exclusive. After a buyer pick and decide to buy a logo, the selected logo will be removed from the site’s library. The logo is removed so that the others cannot buy or duplicate it, thus meaning that the logo is completely owned by the buyer.


The logo will be presented in EPS file and HiRes JPG. If you, for example, want to add your company name or tagline or other customizations, 123RF.com can handle it for you so the logo will be customized for you and your business. There are no restrictions on logo’s use so feel free to use it on anything from signs to packaging.


How to Buy

With the user friendly interface that this site has, purchasing logo, just like its other assets is very easy. All you have to do is to click the “@logo” icon on the upper bar to navigate to the category. From here you can browse whole collection or simply search for it using keyword for more precise results. Clicking a logo will show the detail page that gives you more information such as the author, description, price, and more. To buy, just simply click the buy button. The price for all logos is fixed at 250 credits.


It is clear that microstock is not just about stock photos. The industry has evolved by providing various media such as video, sound, and logo for business. One of the sites encompassing these innovations is 123RF.com, so make sure to make it your one-stop multimedia shopping website.

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