How to connect using Pinterest

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Pinterest, being one of the fastest growing social networking sites, has its fame for photo sharing. Millions of users are using pinterest in their day to day life for sharing photos, videos and much more. What they actually do is, pin their photos or videos to their Pinterest board, which is then automatically shared with other pinterest users. If you are pinning a photo or video from web, then pinterest has back-links to the source from where you got the image.




So now, how does Pinterest keeps you engaged?

Pinterest gets you connected with other Pinterest users by sharing your photos, following them, leaving comments on their photos, liking their photos and so many.



What is actually done in Pinterest?


People can pin their content say like photos and videos to their Pinterest board. If you are pinning photos from your own website or blog or some other source, then Pinterest has back links to those sites thereby increasing their traffic too. You can add descriptions and titles to each photo you pin to your board. Pinterest has wide exposure to SEO and hence you can promote any website by pinning its link to your pinterest board. This automatically allows Google to follow those links.

You can spend a lot of time with Pinterest by visiting other users’ Pinterest boards. You can follow any number of users and they will follow you if preferred. While creating your pin boards, make sure it is targeted towards the interest of your audience. You can focus on adding your hobbies, interest, favorite photos, featured products, blogs and more. By downloading the Pin It button, you can easily pin contents to your boards. It is up to you to decide on the name of your board. Ensure that you name them with keyword rich titles so that any Pinterest user can easily find your board.

There are a lot to see in Pinterest and if you are a person willing to explore things, then you will find Pinterest to be damn excellent.

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