Why do you need your Facebook Fan Page a Customized One

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Facebook has more than 400 million active users; so a little bit of customization always helps to set you apart from the others. Facebook fan page is a unique endeavor used for promoting business on Facebook or FB, as it is more popularly known nowadays. But a simple fan page will hardly help your business, you need to customize it. We will share with a couple of customization tools that will spell magic for your business.


Clobby – Group Chat


This is very useful application that will allow you to add a live chat-room on the fan page. It is a free application and will allow the users to create chat rooms and even invite others to chat. Those who are regular users of this fan-page will be encouraged to communicate with each other and thereby increase the level of interactivity in the page.




Involver is a professional application for your Facebook page. It can be installed in a single click. It boasts of a large application gallery that includes YouTube Channel, Photo gallery and RSS Feeds. However, if you are having a free account then you can install only two applications.

Get a Unique Look for your Facebook Fan Page

It is very often seen that despite creating a Facebook fan page for your business, the number of fans never grows and the number of comments too remains static. The most obvious reason for this is the design of the page. You may like your fan page but it can be boring to the visitors. Since the Facebook fan page will be the brand face of your company, you must give it a distinct look and feel so that people can relate your company to the Facebook fan page that has been created.

Get more Social Love

A Facebook page is probably the best marketing move that a company can make. But just repeating what is written on the website is a sheer waste of time. The look of the Facebook fan page needs to be changed to make it look cooler so that there is a steady rise in the number of followers and people actually devote some time to go through the fan page. Believe it or not, people actually care to find out the number of ‘Likes’ on your Facebook fan page. The interface needs to be changed so that it has a distinct look and flavor. Only when your Facebook fan page is different, you can hope to see some improvement in the marketing mix.

Don’t Ignore the Success Stories

The success stories of many companies including coca cola are truly inspiring. The customization of the Facebook fan page has a big role to play in their success. This will be the same story with your marketing mix. The Facebook fan page needs to have a great design and superb punch lines to make the page unique and attractive. Coca Cola had an awesome fan page which also hosted contests from time to time. So the visitors became involved with the brand through these innovative features. Making your fan page interactive is just one of the many goals that your company must achieve.

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