Blue as The Color of a Successful Project


We know a lot about the meaning of color in web design and its role in visual perception. It is the color that makes your site sophisticated, stylish, attractive, and it is exactly the color that forms the first impression about your site. Then comes design and content, but the first thing your visitors pay attention to is a color scheme. Every color has its meaning and arouses certain associations, and it is called the psychology of colors. Orange symbolizes energy, red symbolizes action, blue is associated with nature, white color creates the feeling of cleanliness, black is for stability, etc.

Why is it so important in web design? Because this knowledge can help you find the appropriate color scheme for your web presence, thus making it interesting for the viewers and reflecting your business ideas in the best possible way. Starting a website, you should consider the main color in its design taking into account the message you want to communicate to your visitors.

There are popular colors, there are colors that work for certain spheres of business, and there are colors that make these spheres. If you have noticed, there is a wide variety of blue as a primary color. Why is it so? Because blue speaks for stability, protection, intelligence and unity. You can find it in logos of different world-known companies. It creates the illusion of space in your designs and is associated with tranquility and security. Its language is simple, but effective. By the way, this color is the favorite one both, men and women. If you are looking for the trustworthy and quality-related color, choose the color blue for your web presence.


Blue as The Color of a Successful Project

More information about blue in web design is available in the infographic featured below. For instance, you’ll see sites designed in blue, world famous companies using blue for branding, etc. Additionally, you’ll find color codes for 55 shades of the color blue. We believe you’ll find this stuff useful.

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Katarina Klementi is a columnist now working at TemplateMonster. Through personal and professional experience she illuminates the latest news in the sphere of web design and brings them in the focus of your attention.
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