Don’t work Hard, work efficiently


Doing right thing at the right time helps you ace in life. More people fail in life not because they are unable to reach their goals, but they are inefficient to manage their time and plan their work accordingly. Work can only meet its objective when it is carried out in a productive way, more to say if there is no value addition to what you perform then work done goes in vain.  

Don't work Hard, work efficiently 


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Thus to get the best out of work done in a smart way there are few basic guidelines that we need to adapt in our daily schedule and sooner you will be working efficiently without pain. 

Match yourself with the work load

Match yourself with the work load 

Match yourself with the work load


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Every individual is different in the way they act they work and perform. I might be active during the first hour of the work whereas someone can be during the late hours. So understand your nature place the job accordingly like save the bulge for the time and hour you can work maximum. 

Schedule and plan

Schedule and plan 

Schedule and plan

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Schedule and plan your work such that you can estimate your time to meet deadline. Don’t wait for the work to create a stress on you instead schedule and plan it so well that you can easily manage it through the deadline. 

Don’t get overwhelmed prioritize whatever you do. Don’t jumble up the work, if the work is overloaded juggle it up by breaking the big picture into steps learning what you are able to complete in a specific time frame, prioritizing and working on the most important and urgent tasks, and creating and sticking to a plan no matter what other might say. 

Maintain a routine create a checklist workload and stress are directly proportional to each other, when you are planning on doing job in a manageable way, you should also attempt to manage stress. Stress comes with uncontrolled emotions, work schedule, work environment, and the way you deal with problems. These all are related with the way you carry out your work. So the best way to avoid stress is creating a clear ambience by placing things in your cabinet and desk neatly. So that when you need it you can get hold of it. So make a routine and prepare a checklist so that in the busy schedule you don’t stress yourself and miss out on stuff. 

Every individual can work hard but if you want to stand out of the crowd you have to be one who can work smart efficiently. If you follow the above stated tips in your schedule you can improve and be efficient and gain the right attitude which will lead your career your way. 

So if you follow on the simple things in life you will be in able to do your work in short time without hustling. So to make it easier I have summarized it in points. Hope this shall turn you into an efficient worker. 

  1. 1. Avoid wasting time shuffling through piles of paper, keep your desk organized.
  2. 2. Prioritize a list of the tasks, prepare a checklist of work that you have to carry out through the day.
  3. 3. Trying working in a team, allot tasks to co-workers and assistants if possible.
  4. 4. Don’t jump up, finish one task before you go on to the next.
  5. 5. Have effective communication and plan cautiously to make sure a job is done properly the first time around.
  6. 6. Before leaving for the day, tidy up your desk and make a short list of projects you will need to do the next day.
  7. 7. Determine when you have most energy in a day and tackle the most important or most difficult tasks at that time.
  8. 8. If the works get up to your ears, hire a subordinate and give away the pressure.

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  • Linda Chadbourne

    Some great tips! I agree with so many but most importantly doing the work the right way the first time is so important. I often find myself making dumb mistakes when I’m tired.

    I also agree a clean desk is something I struggle with daily. But it’s a reasonable goal.

  • wparena

    These are very helpful tips, dedication and passion with clear vision leads to success

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  • Mohammed Alaa

    Nice Article I agree with you Don’t work hard, Work Smart :)

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  • Jodi

    So so true: fail to plan and you plan to fail.

  • Retete

    Hey, these were some great tips that really cleared up some things. I will now schedule my activity much more carefully.

  • Anwar

    One of the finest ideas i have read about working effectively in the office……Thks a lot……….

  • Himalayan Web Info

    Great idea ! Thanks.