How to balance your work and personal life


Life and work are directly proportional to each other as the way you work effects a lot in the way you live .In regards to make your life style work friendly and not work phobic ,there are some tricks that you can apply and make your work simple and easy taking.





1. Make an early start

Make an early start
Making an early start does not mean you have to rush to work .Getting an earlier start to your day is starting your day in an easy leap, quiet and calm before all of your co-workers arrive. This will help you create focus over what you need to do throughout the day. Just an extra 30 – 60 minutes earlier without distractions in order to gather things for the day can make a big difference and can help you to get through your work faster realizing stress and making your day smooth and functioning

2. Don’t be in a rush

Don't be in a rush
Don’t be in a rush to complete things, do things with ease. Some of us are in a hedge to complete the entire job at once,yes multitasking is necessary but getting overwhelmed with work can get you in stress .In the hedge to complete things many of us have the habit to over list our To Do List,as a result we invite loads of hassle during the work hours . When there are number of things to be completed with perfection ,and we are in a hedge to complete all of it at an instance we might not be able to actually consider any of it . So suggestion is to keep the To-Do List up to limit .As trying to finish up all the task at once, one might get themselves in a critical phase not being able to focus and execute it.To simplify things keep your To-Do list as short as possible. This will help you emphasize in the current task you are handling and will help you get your result without hassle

3. Highlight Your Tasks

Highlight Your Tasks
Highlight Your Tasks is Prioritizing the work in your To Do List.This is yet  another important parameter that helps you smoothen your work day .So while sorting the To Do List take a moment to prioritize them so that you know what is most critical to accomplish in a day. This will help you accomplish important task in time as of which you will be avoiding hassle .

4. Set Aside Blocks of Time

When there are number of issues to be addressed ,it is hard for one to focus on a single subject matter . Another major problem that people at work face ,i.e. to  focus on one thing at a time.Organization is a multidisciplinary environment where number of activities take place .In this multitasking environment with number of people interacting its hard to concentrate .But there are issues and task which  requires a lot of workout and concentration which basically cant be achieved in a very busy place . So in regards try to set some hours of work for job of this nature where you can concentrate on that issue leaving behind other activity .One or two hour of day when you can be most productive ,can make optimum use of the hour.This will help you get hold of an important job and finish it without stress

5. Pause and take intervals

Pause and take intervals
Take short breaks ,as too much of constant work can make your brain dull.So take intervals and let your self at ease.There are number of ways ,you can choose music for break or talk to your colleagues,this will help your brain relax resulting in effectiveness to the work your are doing . If your brain is not fresh you wont be able to concentrate and function well ,so pause and intervals at work is must

6. Avoid client crisis

Clients are good for business but handling all of them at once is inviting problems. As all clients have the tendency to be the most important one and if you are not able to address to any one of them then you are losing on them.Rather having few clients and working on the project more effectively is safe and effective .This will execute the project on time and here you are looking for another project .But if you hassle over one client you are losing on a lot of them . So watch when you are handling on clients take them with ease .

7. Avoid distraction

Concentration is must when you are working be it a small job with less priority ,focus makes it effective. So try avoiding distraction that might come through mismanaged table. Working in a cluttered environment can add unnecessary stress. You seek for one file and you are seeking for it the rest of the day. Take a few moments to clear of your desk or to straighten up your work area and you’ll probably notice a difference in how you feel . Complete avoid unnecessary involvement ,chatting about personnel issues at work ,chatting at work, getting your self consumed in social networking sites ,updating status ,waiting for photo comments .This will decrease you efficiency and when you are to complete an assignment you lack behind hassling and stressing. So while at work keep your self at work manged and concentrated .

8. Choose for the best project management tool

Choose for the best project management tool
You can be well organized and self managed when you know what you are doing and in which period of time you have to execute it .So to keep yourselves well organised there are many project management apps and software options to help keep you organized, and some are even designed with designers and freelancers in mind.So get hold of the right kind of tool that meets your work nature and objective .This will help you get track of whatever you are doing and need to do .

9. Schedule with deadlines

Schedule with deadlines
Time scheduling is another important point you need to take care of.Until and unless you have a deadline you are not in a hedge to perform well.So get motivate with highlighted deadlines Deadlines increases your productive makes you perform try implementing deadline to your work

Hope this article helps you originate happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, after illuminating the fog that surrounds us at work .

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    Ya a great plan …as a freelancer i was facing such problems and finally adopted a new routine..which increased my productivity :) thank u for the sharing

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    Great article about work and personal life. Guess I learn few strategy from this article.

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    Somebody matched this article with the wrong entry from their list of stock titles. There’s nothing about personal life or balance in here. This is an article about work habits.

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    Really nice tips learned few good habits from this article.

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    Avoiding Distractions was the best of the lot