Is Freelancing Right for You?

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Freedom is the most basic of all human rights, Freedom is all about authority, the willingness of every single human being to pursue its dreams, aspirations, and ideals .When a person is given the right of freedom, the creativity and enthusiasm to put and effort to a work gets nourished and magnifies resulting in illuminating output. If you have this human nature and want to be free towards what you want to think and are in a hedge to try to implement it you are in a way to start your freelancing approach towards life.

Why freelancing? Will it be good for my career? Can I turn out to be good in it? If these are the issues that you are facing then there are ways in which you can start.

As stated above freelancing gives you freedom to chose what kind of work you want to do as you are your own boss, you are your own employee so start it in risk averse manner that is,

“Work as a freelancer with all your other job by the side.”

Directly not going into freelancing is a great option as it gives you the feel of being your own boss and working for someone else. You can compare and contrast your nature and know from what is right and wrong?? This will call in great experience as you will earn from your skill and this will be your extra income with your sole name being recognized.

In this season of job cuts freelancing will provide you much support

Provide you much support

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Job cuts have affected many of our career plan, in this era when the world is facing recession and workplace is flunked with lay off virus, it is this freelancing that have nurtured many of the people life so if your company is in a state to lay off freelancing can be the best option to start off as it is for sure you wont fire yourself.

You have the potential to bring the ball to your court

If you have the confidence and the creativity in you is ready to explode and you need a platform it is time you let it go and become your own boss. Freelancing is for people who are self motivated and have confidence in the skill they pursue. It is about being concerned about what you are into and saying yes to everything that rules in business be it marketing ,finance. Freelancing is all about self accountability .

You are not a eight hour person, have your own rules

If you are someone who believe in working efficiently and not working every eight hour of the day than yes you have to be a freelancer . As you have your own time schedule. As you work for yourself you will be in a state to evaluate what time in the day or night you exactly require getting the task done. So you are the lion of your own freelancing jungle

You should be in a state to work as per your paycheck


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Every aspect of life has two sides, so has freelancing. If you are into freelancing you will not have the benefit of a consistent paycheck. As a freelancer your income will not be so steady, you need to be very certain about how you spend your money.

So, if you’re in a need of change and are looking to work on different types of projects or with a greater variety of clients and you crave for things mentioned above then you are in a state to go for freelancing.

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  • shailesh manandhar

    The experience can lead to a broad portfolio of work and the establishment of a network of clients. But what about the time taken for this broad portfolio of work and network expansion? It is not month’s timeline. Those who are in only one field, takes years and years to have complete knowledge of end to end process of their field. Being freelancer, no substantial knowledge could be gained in short time. Additionally, there is no stability in career. By the time one become expert freelancer, one may be in retiring age with no enthusiasm to go extra. When one sees back in life, there may not be anything special at all. No one wants to be in retirement state as Jack of all, master of none. The bigger threat to freelancer is uncertainty of the work and lack of regular income. It can be a real problematic situation to freelancer. It only invites additional stress and if not managed properly, could lead to downward spiral of life.

    • Snigdha

      Completely agree with you Shailesh but life is all about experiencing new things and shaping your experience to bring in things your way t.I am sure you will agree with me in this

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  • Sheri Delatrinidad

    Thank you for this information. It’s much appreciated! Thanks again.