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For us designers design is our product, we sell our innovation creativity time and patience. For those who sell tangible products it is hard for them to understand the cost, the hard work perfection that designers implant in their projects. Yes dear readers I am talking about the service business we are in. We serve people with the realistic out of the world design and it costs us time, brainstorming, at time it exceeds the principle of business as designers value their creativity ignoring the value addition to the business they are in.

Creativity and innovative ideas can’t get wasted, it should always get the worth that it deserves, so here today I have some tips for us designers to make revenue out of project the right balance of time investment and experimentation that can put us in both category of good designers and good profit makers.

Don’t get overwhelmed with complex project

Designers are always confident over themselves, they have that zeal to make impossible possible .It is good many a times but here we are taking about business and business has no room for emotions .We work to get paid and it is that value addition that we should focus on .Big project can bring in complexity so try and avoid complexity as we designers are always wrecked by cost-related issue.

Many a times a new project beats expectation, the project’s complexity gets deceptive and surprising so try an approach those project that you can handle with ease and focuses on relatively smooth income. So instead of juggling in complex project set a goal to grow revenue with easy projects.

Don’t loose your clients due to project overload; networking can always be a tool to stand out

As we are into business we should always be in good relation with other designers and freelancers as there might be instances where you are so bugged up with project you cant cater to a client. If you loose a client today then there are chances the client might not come to your door the other time so you should not let project overload effect your client relation.

In the project overload scenario you can flow the project to some good designer and act as a medium between the party and the designer this will solve your problem .The point is being in network of good designers help you a lot in time of crises when there are project beyond your capacity and the priority of the client in equal. So this optimized outsourcing approach also gives you an opportunity to increase overall revenues as your design team works directly on clients projects – earning on an input basis – outsourced design teams can fetch in a relatively stable per-project income for you

It is not only about crises management ,networking can be treated as marketing tool as It also gives you an opportunity to market your services to other online workers, increasing your professional network and creating another stream of incoming clients. So be a player in the market.

Be in a state to recognize who your real clients are

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Everyone who comes to your door are clients, and yes we should cater to them equally .But we should not forget we are in business and business has goal and objective .So we should priorities the clients and projects as per our objective

Sometime a short term project can give you more than a long term project .But at times a long term project if done can bring along with it lot of related projects. “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” So you should always be in a state to recognize clients and projects .Be it small a big get into the one that causes lesser risk and hassle and can generate revenue. When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds, don’t let this happen ,as the project and clients that has long term potential growth are the one you are looking for so get them and do everything to stick to them .

Know your Target Group

Provide you much support

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A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.

This is only possible when you know who are you catering or providing service for. So

Study the market that your business operates in, and approach those clients and only approach those clients that you think you can provide service to. Businesses don’t mind paying a higher price for high quality services, and if you can back up your promises, those clients can be great long-term assets.

FREEBIES always creates a WIN-WIN situation

Clients always get tempted with ‘extra services’ .So make use of this WIN-WIN card as clients look for those service provider who can increase their long-term business income, and extending projects to incorporate long-term marketing, design, or website upgrades and extra service can give all of that .And you in no time will find your business increasing and your professional relationships extending.

They are simple tips which can make big difference so start implementing it and share with us your experience .




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    Very well said. i think good web designers (esp those who work alone) need to really be able to balance between getting business and getting busy in projects.

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    I think this article is written bit more on surface level, little bit of more research would have added more value