30 Places to create your website online

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Website builders are tools that allow internet users to construct particular websites without manual code-editing. They are usually distinguished into two categories which are the online proprietary tools provided by web hosting companies, specifically intended for users to build their personal site; and software which runs on a computer, creating pages offline and which can then publish these pages on any host.

Online website builders usually require their users to sign up with the web hosting company. The range of services varies widely between creating basic personal websites or widgets to making e-commerce websites. These sites are usually either template based or on more flexible platforms which are totally design-free.

Listed below are the 30 places where you may create websites online for free.

1. WiX

WiX offers a simple but powerful platform to create flash website templates and more. You will be able to create websites, widgets, free MySpace layouts, banners, newsletters, and even flyers. WiX needs no downloads or programming. It has the point-click-drag-drop interface which is extremely fast and easy.


2. Webs

Webs provide all the tools needed to create professional looking website within minutes. With Webs, users can add a blog, calendar, forum, photo gallery, video gallery and many more. The site can even be turned into a social network with the ability to add members and generate personal profiles. Your site can be changed into a community where family, friends, and colleagues are able to connect and collaborate.


3. Webnode

Webnode is a free and easy website builder. It is simple, free, and on-line. Users can also use their own domain. Webnode is ideal for one’s site and e-shop as it has hundreds of modern templates are tailored to everybody’s personal needs. It is an ideal solution for e-commerce, business, and personal websites. There are already more than one million companies, artists, students, and bloggers worldwide that are already Webnode’s satisfied users.


4. Weebly

Weebly is a useful website builder where Internet users can create free website and blog with no technical skills required. Weebly provides an easy drag and drop interface with dozens of professional designs. Users are also able to drag on slideshows, forums, files, games, RSS feed, or any other HTML embeds code. It is also has a free domain hosting. As an added advantage, there are a variety of content elements provided such as adding pictures, videos, audio and music, maps, documents, and multiple columns.


5. Spruz

Spruz is a completely free website at enables one to build a website with fully integrated social features. Spruz allows users to create websites using their own domain name. This website builder also allows additional features such as forum, blog, photos, videos, and more.


6. Google Sites

With Google Sites, users are able to create free webpages in an easy way. Create rich web pages easily, collect all information in one place and control the list of people who can view and edit your site. Google Sites can also be used to plan club meetings and an activity, collaborate on a team project, share info on a secure company interest, and also allows people to stay connected with their close pals and family members.

Google Sites

7. Edicy

Edicy is a trouble-free tool to be used to create websites. All one needs to do is to just sign up and the site will be online within minutes. Users can then start to upload pictures, videos, texts, forms or almost anything else to their personal site instantly. Edicy is a fully functional and completely customizable tool.


8. Wikispaces

Wikispaces’ visual page editor is as simple to use as a word processor. It allows one to format text, upload files and images, add widgets, and add links to other sites using a simple toolbar interface. It allows effective collaboration with unlimited messages and pages, easy collaboration with others, page histories. The page histories enable users to monitor activity on their wiki easily.


8. Sauropol

Create an instant webpage with Sauropol which is free software for hosting and custom domain. Users may choose designs, change site title, and start their content editing. One may also publish blogs, bulletin boards, image folders, document folders and many more. Amost any feature will be able to be customized and changed.


9. Roxer

Everybody can now create stunning web pages online within minutes with Roxer. Roxer offers live editing feature which enables users to just visit their web page and make on –the-spot changes. No programming is needed in Roxer as one may create web pages that will turn out to be exactly up to their expectation, without bothering about HTML. Roxer is a complete builder as all works can be done in the web browser without installing anything. They even host it for free.


10. Viviti

Viviti provides hassle-free editing right in the web browser with lots of components to choose from. Make your web page stand out uniquely with more than 175 themes and flexibility to create custom themes. One could even start a blog with Viviti in no time and link the blog to Twitter and Facebook.


11. DevHub

DevHub enables users to turn their passion into business beyond blogging. DevHub is a free website builder and hosting which is easy and fun to use. Choose templates from their built-in templates feature or design your own web page template. As an added advantage, you could even earn money as a reward for your efforts.


12. SnapPages

SnapPages is a simple “drag-drop-done” web page builder with professionally designed website templates that are easily customizable. One may also create their own template so that they would not end up with another cookie-cutter website. SnapPages is flexible regardless of the website usage for an organization, small business, or personal use.


13. Yola

Yola is an absolutely dedicated site to help users build a web page effortlessly. They offer well acclaimed, web hosting, and user friendly tools all for free. Websites build from Yola are fast to build, customizable, absolutely free without banners and pop-up advertisements, and rich with top web services like Google Maps, Youtube and many more.



15. Moogo

Moogo allows people to create a professional and low cost, and easy to use web page with only three simple steps which are choosing a layout, creating a web address, and creating a Moogo account. Creating website using Moogo needs no experience in design or programming. One may have a website that has active support via email, website, blog, Twitter and also Facebook.


16. FreeWeb

FreeWeb offers free website creations with more than 300 attractive and professional designs available, Live-Mode feature to edit the website directly on a template, unlimited galleries, pages and more. It is also ‘search engine optimized’ for getting top results in search engines and agreeable to the requirements of modern web-design.


17. Flooha

Flooha allows users and also developers to create website in three simple steps by choosing a website application, picking themes and add-ons, and direct installation. Users have the ultimate control towards their site with unlimited possibilities and full featured applications.


18. HyperWebEnable

HyperWebEnable offers an absolutely free website with your own domain name. Various add-on scripts can also be added to your blog. Users will also be able to make money with their website via monetize. Additionally, HyperWebEnable provides unlimited webspace to host your website with unlimited bandwith, technical support via email for your website, tips to improve page traffic and rank, free domain renewal, and advertisements on the blog.


19. 350 Pages

350 Pages allows website building within minutes with hundreds of professional designs, no technical skills requirement, and a drag-and-drop-objects interface. Users will also be able to sell theur products online using e-commerce features from 350 Pages.

350 Pages

20. Homestead

Homestead allows users to choose from over 2,000 detailed website templates to start with a complete functional site which includes images and texts. Users can fully take charge of their web page to edit anything. Besides providing users their own personalized website address, email addresses can also be personalized with one’s own company name. Track down and collect visitor’s information as an additional advantage.


21. Own Free Website

Own Free Website is a free service with very easy usage of needing no programming knowledge. Various professional designs are already integrated for users to choose. Users will be able to get their own short domain name. Other additional features include visitor counter, guestbook, survey function, and more.

Own Free Website

22. Jimdo

With Jimdo, users can pick a design and click to customize. Add text, photos and videos within seconds and edit your website online wherever you are. Users can also make their own online store with secure payments, a shopping cart, and other essential features.


23. Bravenet

Bravenet provides both website hosting and web tools for website building. The huge selection of web tools from Bravenet include message forums, guestbooks, mailing lists, hit counter and statistics, photo albums, email forms, online calendars, web polls, blogs, journals, and even speaking characters. The web hosting features include tons of bandwidth, plenty of disk space, hosting up to 10 domains, unlimited email and FTP access, and more.


24. AngelFire

AngelFire is a web-on drag-and-drop site builder that allows one to create blogs and photo albums. It also has other site building and file management tools, and a disk space of 20 MB for free.


25. Terapad

Terapad has all the latest Web 2.0 features for users and user may even create their own domain name. Terapad also provides a built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce, access to their template library, internalization and accessibility and is perfect for SME’s and organizations. Terapad keeps your web page update and maintained 24/7 with 100% control and customizing freedom.


26. Nexo

Nexo offers custom website creations for families, friends, teen sport teams, schools, organizations and other events. It’s easy to personalize your website with Nexo as you will have a selection of unique designs and layouts. Share your pictures, videos, and blogs; add interactive calendars, polls, and to-do lists; and also invite members and set permissions.


27. Blink

Blink is suitable for those who are interested in creating professional website that sells without technical programming or web design skills. Users may easily accept credit card payments from their website and will be able to work from any corner of the world. There is no need of purchasing expensive web design software. Everyone can create an unlimited number of websites with simple drag-and-drop functionality.


28. Office Live Small Business

Make a free website quick and easy with no hidden fees and no technical skills needed with Office Live Small Business. Office Live provides free website hosting, free templates and user friendly tools, free email accounts, and also free online support.

Office Live Small Business

29. Ucoz

uCoz is a free web page builder with unlimited space hosting which allows users to create own web pages and provides plenty of additional features such as blog, forums, guestbook, photo albums, and many other tools to build the web page. uCoz site builder is highly customizable by advanced users and is user friendly for newbies.


30. You Free Web

With You Free Web, users may create a free web page and blog with easy drag-and-drop interface. There are no technical skills required to create the web page as there are dozens of professional designs. You Free Web also provides free domain hosting for users.

You Free Web

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