40 free online SEO tools to optimize your search engine ranking

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The main purpose of using Search Engine Optimization is to improve the ranking and bring more traffic to your website. There are lots of SEO tools which can help to optimize and rank your site better on search engines. People think using automated tools lowers the SEO quality and therefore degrades website ranking so they prefer manual labor. These 40 online SEO tools listed below might change your thinking perspective.

It will help you to find main keywords, impression on search engines, broken links on the website, find out internal and external links, page rank, niche traffic ranking etc.

40 online SEO tools to optimize your search engine ranking

1. Seomoz SEO Tools

Seomoz SEO Tools

SEOmoz consists overall set of software, tools, and resources to maximize website search engine optimization. It monitor rankings for all the keywords according to your target niche market and audience.

2. Seobook – Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

Seobook - Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

SEO book offers wide range of free and paid SEO tools which includes free firefox extensions, Free Web-based SEO Tools, Premium Firefox Extensions and lot more.

3. Google adword keyword tool aka google SEO tools

Google adword keyword tool

Google adword keyword tool helps finding competitive and easy Keywords in a targeted niche. If you have not gathered historical data for your website this tool can come in handy to start collecting it for free. We have used it for years and don’t regret using it till now.

4. Webmaster-Toolkit Search Engine Optimization Tools

Webmaster-Toolkit Search Engine Optimization Tools


5. Alexa Rank Comparison

Markhorrell Web tools

This tool will allows to create a traffic history graph for any website. Alexa computes traffic rankings by analyzing the Web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users.

6. XML Sitemap Validator

XML Sitemap Validator

With this tool ping can be send to Google to notify it of the location of your XML Sitemap. It also supports Bing, Yahoo and ASK.com

7. Keyworddensity – Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

Keyworddensity - Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

8. Seocentro SEO Tools

Seocentro SEO Tools

9. Webuildpages Tools

Webuildpages Tools

10. Neboweb Web-based SEO Tools

Neboweb Web-based SEO Tools

11. Linkvendor Seo Tools

Linkvendor Seo Tools

12. FREE Online Web Page Checking Service

FREE Online Web Page Checking Service

13. Ranking Today


14. Iwebtool Web Tools

Iwebtool Web Tools

15. Webrankinfo Free SEO Tools

Webrankinfo Free SEO Tools

16. Googlerankings – free search engine optimization tool

Googlerankings - free search engine optimization tool

17. Ranks.nl – Ranks Webmaster Tools

ranks.nl - Ranks Webmaster Tools


18. Selfseo SEO tools

Selfseo SEO tools

19. Web-hosting-top tools

Web-hosting-top tools

20. Webconfs Seo Tools

Webconfs Seo Tools


21. Submit Express

Submit Express

22. Quarkbase


23. w3optimizer


24. Seo Scores


25. Add Me


26. The Site Wizard

The Site Wizard

27. Seo Tools Online


28. Website Grader

Website Grader

29. Seo Browser Seo

Seo Browser Seo

30. Seochat SEO Tools

Seochat SEO Tools


31. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

32. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

33. Kenkai Seo Tools

Kenkai Seo Tools

34. Kreation Studio Seo Tools

Kreation Studio Seo Tools

35. Squidoo


36. Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools

37. Raven Tools

Raven Tools

38. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis

39. Digital Point

Digital Point

40. Firefox SEO Tool

Firefox SEO Tool

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