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Productivity is a bit hard to measure. One thing that is measurable however is an app that saves you time and effort. Any app that can consistently do that is a keeper, and I believe that the apps below are all keepers based, of course, on what your online specialty is. If you’re a creative type I think today’s group will benefit you most, but take a look at all of them and see if there’s something you like. And then give it a click, of course, and test it out for yourself. Enjoy.




1. Mighty Deals – Online tools that you need at prices you need even more.


Looking for a deal website that has templates, vectors, icons, apps and lots of other tools you need to build, run, manage and profit from your multiple websites? If you said yes, imagine all of it in 1 place and at excellent prices. That’s Mighty Deals, one of the better ‘deal’ sites and one of my faves. They have tools you need, not junk, and their prices are very reasonable to boot. If you work in cyberspace they have the goods, and they have a free membership that updates you regularly.

Best Feature – Membership, which is free, gets you daily goodies direct to your inbox.

2. tn3Gallery – WordPress photo editing made simple.


WordPress has one of the best blog platforms and now, with tn3Gallery, it can be even better. Using this free plug-in you can turn your WordPress blogs into artful, attractive sites that people look forward to clicking on. The plug-in contains slideshows, transition effects, multiple album options, CSS skinning and much, all easy to use and very intuitive. The effect is nothing short of professional looking. Increase traffic by giving people something attractive to look at, and watch as your sales increase also.

Best Feature – It’s a free download that you can use without external tools.

3. Code Year – If you really have the urge you can learn code here.

Code Year

I hate code and stay away from it like the plague. Everything I use online is wysiwyg but that’s just me. If you, however, have an undying desire to learn code and see how the Matrix really works Code Year is the website you need to surf to. They have classes online for free and they teach in a practical way that even non-techno-geeks will understand. I don’t use it but if you would really like to learn code this site looks like a good place to start.

Best Feature – This is true online learning and at a bargain to boot.


4. Cropp Me – Auto crop your pics to all the most desirable online sizes.

Cropp Me

If you use a lot of pictures to get your point across on your blog or website you know that cropping them to the right sizes can be a chore, especially since all sites use different sizes. With Cropp Me you can crop multiple pictures at the same time, crop 1 pic to different sizes at the same time, and a number of combinations of those to really cut down on time wasted. If you don’t use many pics you can skip this one but if you do have a good look at it as it might help you a lot.

Best Feature – Crop for multiple sizes with only a few clicks as the program helps to center your pics.

5. FriendBinder – Your social life in a nutshell.


Having a lot of ‘real’ friends and ‘cyber’ friends can get confusing. With FriendBinder you have an app that can keep track of both worlds, help you stay in touch, deliver your news and notes to everyone on multiple social platforms and keep you sane. Nice. The days of jumping from 1 site to another to keep up with everyone might be coming to an end.

Best Feature – A simple interface that lets you clearly see your overall social picture.

6. Evernote – The virtual bookmark.


While this app won’t win any prizes for helping to change the world in any great way it can still be very handy. Use Evernote to quickly and easily bookmark anything you see online, including pics, websites, music, news and more and easily access it when you have the time to give it your full attention. Easy to use and useful. Done.

Best Feature – Access your saved info whether online or off.

7. pSDefaults – PhotoShop gets a needed shot in the arm.


Chances are that you have seen literally thousands of pictures in your life that were augmented somehow by PhotoShop. It’s a super-popular photo program and has been for years. It is also starting to show it age and pSDefaults realized it was time for a major update. Update it they did with new icons, textures, fonts and lots of tools that give you an artist’s reign to be creative with your photos. It all meshes perfectly too so you don’t even know he program has changed but you will appreciate the difference in your results.

Best Feature – Right now for a limited time the Beta version is free. But don’t wait, because time’s almost up.

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Raul Dumitrescu is a web addict and social marketing architect at Mostash.com. He also calls himself a professional reader and a pop culture aficionado.
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    Thanks for sharing these apps. I’m surely gonna get all of these.

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    Great collection of apps! These will surely boost any site’s productivity.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice collection! Thanks for sharing. Try Proofhub.com as well for productivity enhancement. Highly recommended :)