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Every site owners wants his or her site to appear in the first page of major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. The organic SEO simply involves the use of couple of methods and practices to find the search results in page one. The organic SEO has couple of vital benefits, this include getting free and specific traffic over your site or blog. You need a competent planning and an array of specific strategies to get the top search positions including studying the daily traffic, including particular keywords and checking its competition, analyzing the search engine result page position of your site, etc. The biggest advantage of organic SEO is that it comes for free. You do not need to pay for things like sponsored results even when you get thousands of visitors at your site daily. The below is the list of SEO tips to find better organic search engine results.

1. Check your content

Check your content

The most vital element required for better organic search engine results include high quality and original content. The duplicate content over your site can make angry the search engines and also your peers. Your site should encompass useful and original content of wide nature for your readers. This can include how to posts, stories, FAQ (frequently asked questions) lists, etc. Also, invest time in composing fresh and quality articles for your readers on a regular basis. This will please the search engines hence they will keep on visiting your site on a regular basis along with your readers. Thus in this way, you end up boosting your organic rankings to a great extent.

2. The Back links

The Back links


Back links are also better ways to improve your organic search results. Simply start checking your current back links and the ones from others and find out the areas to improve. You could find several useful tools to study your backlinks position at places like Google and Yahoo. These would help you in back link research and reduce the mistakes to a great extent. Back links help the search engines to understand the quality of your content. The better and quality backlinks you have, the more attention you get from the search engines. At the end it helps in improving your organic search results to a great extent.

3. Better navigation

You are supposed to keep your website clean. If people find difficulty in finding out the content pages, the similar would be the case with search engines. You are supposed to use links and menus which are concise, specific and have a navigation that can help people to find things quickly. Linking every page with all the pages could be confusing at times to both the visitors and search engines. Hence it is recommended to create different menu set for all the pages as it alleviates the wide range of menu links you find over the given web page.

If the visitors are able to instantly narrow down for the things they are interested in finding out then they are more likely to stay over your site. Similar is the story of search engines. The smaller and specific are your links the better would be the navigation, which pleases both visitors and search engines eventually boosting your organic search results.

4. Check your site quality

Check your site quality

The overall quality of your site plays an important role in bringing in high organic results. Your article or content should be at par, the other things like navigation, graphics, design and layout, etc. everything should showcase quality in your site. Having the quality element in your site, you can attract both visitors and search engines to your site thus improving your organic search results to a great extent.

5. Final word

Organic search engine optimization is not just one time affair, it require meticulous planning and consistent efforts. Invest your time to build a good experience of your visitors and search engines with the above tips and get rewarded for the same.

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  • Paul

    Hi I think it’s worth noting the importance of social media on search results now. The more shares or tweets your pages get you will find this helps it ranking positions.

  • Jitendra

    Back links and website quality both are major factor in organic SEO. Back links should be themed and natural and website speed, navigation, content, design etc. should be good and attractive.

    • Jack

      Yes Jitendra i am agree with you. Make back links through blogging, article and forum discussion and spread your blog and article to increase readers.


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