Most common SEO mistakes


There are several SEO mistakes those are being made knowingly or unknowingly by webmasters. These mistakes can be rectified with small efforts but can affect negatively in the listing of the website in different leading search engines. Some of the most common SEO errors are pointed out and briefed as follows:





1. Not Utilizing Title Tag

Not Utilizing Title Tag

The spiders of most of the search engines crawl the title tags at first. Therefore tag should contain the most focused keywords. Many people keep website name or blog name inside title tag and cannot utilize its potentiality from SEO perspective.

2. Filename of the web page

Sometimes the filename of pages are not clear or descriptive because we want to shorten the filename but the descriptive filename are better for indexing in the search engines. Therefore we need to keep descriptive filenames containing keywords.

3. Duplicate or Bad Content

Duplicate or Bad Content

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Duplicate contents in the and tags are very common in most of the web pages which reduces the potentiality of being indexed in the search engines. Irrelevant keywords in the description and title are also counter productive for search engine listings.

4. Bad Internal Page Links

It is very good to have as many links as possible inside our own pages which links to other pages in the same website. Therefore the dead internal links should be removed.

5. Impatience

One of the best tools in SEO is directory listing but the time taken by different web directories for listing differ. We need to wait until they list the site on the directory. Being impatient and resubmitting can lead to delay in listing and sometimes even exclusion from listing.

6. Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection

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Some people focus on very popular keywords which may not be relevant to the site. This can be harmful for search engine optimization. Therefore we need to focus in keyword selection, which can be done using different tools like Google Adwords Keywords.

7. Keyword Spamming and Stuffing

Piling up the unrelated keywords need to be reduced because most of the popular search engines including Google go through the content of the whole page. Therefore they index only the relevant keywords. So, just adding unnecessary keywords is useless.

8. Un-Spiderable Navigation

Flash links, Javascript calls, drop downs, search box interfaces etc. are not crawled by the spiders of the search engines. Therefore the use of these elements should be reduced and text based links should be used.

9. Disregard for Relevant Keywords

Proper keyword research is very important. Most of the sites fail to do enough research on keywords. There are several keyword research tools such as: Google adword keyword tool, Wordtracker etc.



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