25 Free Kickass Cartoon Vectors for Inspiration


Cartoons are two dimensional animated figures that are the end product of the imagination of the artist. The animated figures that we see on television or films or internet as well as the comics that we see and read on newspaper and magazines, all are the handiworks of creative graphic artists. They create different types of cartoons in the graphic designing platforms like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Coral Draw in accordance with the storyline of the script writer so that the readers can visualize the sequences just by seeing them. For drawing animated figure it requires immense creativity as well as hard work.

Moreover, cartoons have a wide range of applicability in the web designing industry because cartoons are very bright and attractive as well. Cartoons are created using vector graphics i.e. different types of geometrical designs like circle, square, line, point and others. Use of geometrical elements makes the animated figures realistic and full of life. But at the same time cartoons transmit the viewers to autopen world where we love to spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

Cartoons can be of animals, caricature of political figures, of human beings as well as some alien non-existing species which the artist has envisaged through his mind’s eyes. In this write up, we are presenting before the readers 25 free Kickass cartoon vector designers that have become viral. The graphic artists can get some idea from these awesome artworks before venturing in this path all alone. Enjoy!!

1. Animal Vector Pack of African Animals

Animal Vector Pack of African Animals

2. 12 Animal Vector Graphics

12 Animal Vector Graphics

3. Mister Moustache Cat Vector

Mister Moustache Cat Vector

4. Cartoon Angel Vectors

Cartoon Angel Vectors

5. Cartoon Sea Animals Vector

Cartoon Sea Animals Vector

6. Vector Cartoon Caricature

Vector Cartoon Caricature

7. Vector Cartoon Horse Icons

Vector Cartoon Horse Icons

8. Vecx Girls Pack

Vecx Girls Pack

9. Urban Cartoons

Urban Cartoons

10. Free Cartoon Vectors

Free Cartoon Vectors

11. Kid Boy Vector

Kid Boy Vector


12. Where is the Love

Where is the Love

13. Funny Animals

Funny Animals

14. Cartoon Food

Cartoon Food

15. Female Reindeer

Female Reindeer

16. Donkey Cartoon Character

Donkey Cartoon Character

17. Cartoon Illustrations

Cartoon Illustrations

18. Sponge bob Vector

Sponge bob Vector

19. Sponge bob Vector

Sponge bob Vector

20. Vector Character Couple

Vector Character Couple

21. Santa Claus

Santa Claus

22. Cartoon Watermelon

Cartoon Watermelon

23. Cartoon Vector Man

Cartoon Vector Man

24. Monster Vector Pack

Monster Vector Pack

25. Vector Characters

Vector Characters

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