30 Best Nightclub Website Designs


Nightclubs are recreational centers which attract a large number of men and women of various age groups. They gather in the nightclubs to take a break from their daily life and chill out for sometimes. Music, dance floor, wines, cocktails, beer and other alcohols are the things for indulging in which party animals gather in the nightclubs. Sometimes live performances of renowned music bands are also organized in the nightclubs which attract fans to gather in clubs from distant area.

There are thousands of prominent night clubs throughout USA and it is a lucrative business that generates a lot of profitable returns for the owners. However, the owners of nightclubs need to promote their clubs through different means for attracting more visitors to their club. An attractive and user friendly website is the best platform which can be used for attracting more visitors. The websites should have all the updates about recent events that are going to take place in the new future along with date and timings. There should be also option for online registration so that they book their place instantaneously.

In this editorial, we have collected screenshots of websites of some of the most prominent nightclubs of USA. I found these websites to be the best in this genre after judging on various yardsticks like appearance, features, user-friendliness and such factors. If you get the opportunity to design a website for nightclubs, then the examples posted in this article can be treated as a benchmark and help you to create awesome web designs.

1. 10ak Las Vegas

10ak Las Vegas

2. Borgata


3. Hyde bellagio

Hyde bellagio

4. Lavony


5. Liv night club

Liv night club

6. Lax


7. Candys


8. Flawless


9. Fluxxsd


10. Krystle


11. L2 night club

L2 night club

12. Mansion


13. Ministry of sound

Ministry of sound

14. Mokai



15. Privilege


16. Roof on the wit

Roof on the wit

17. Set miami

Set miami

18. Squires


19. Sutraoc


20. The bank

The bank

21. The circle

The circle

22. The greatest bar

The greatest bar

23. The guvernment

The guvernment

24. The hardpop

The hardpop

25. The park

The park

26. Trinity


27. Vain


28. Vision


29. Wallmiami


30. Webster hall

Webster hall

About the Author:

Jamal is a freelancer for many years, passionate in collecting logos, wall papers,icons and many more. In his free time he loves to design medical icons.
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    Inspiring examples of nightclub website design. Thanks for sharing such a best collection of design.

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    like every picture, thank u 😉

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  • Harriet Pike

    Xtaza in Pittsburgh is my favorite.

  • djsolin

    Are you kidding me? Honestly, to have 1Oak be in the number one spot is ridiculous!! ExchangeLA has the best website so far!

  • Subraa PD

    Love Flawless logo design and Candy’s website in the above list!