25 Creative sticker advertisements

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Stickers are a creative way for promoting a brand. The stickers can be used in any surface like the public buses, trains, walls and other surfaces, instead of the traditional means like the hoardings and billboards present on the roads. Stickers are an innovative means of drawing the attention of the prospective clients as these advertisements are being used on all the commonplace things. Thus the sticker advertisements get much better exposure in comparison to the billboard advertisements.

As the level of competition has intensified due to the ever increasing number of competitors, it has become important for the entrepreneurs to use novel strategies for promoting their products. Thus the use of stickers will be helpful for creating a brand identity before a large number of prospective clients. In the sticker advertisements many cheesy and out of the box ideas can be presented which might surprise the viewers and create a lasting impression on their mind. Thus it has emerged as the right vehicle for endorsing a product before all the potential clients.

1. Bus Back Crash

Bus Back Crash

2. Manhole sticker

Manhole sticker

3. Pedigree


4. Kagatani Knife

Kagatani Knife

5. Lays


6. Climb that zit

Climb that zit

7. Pioneer Suspensions

Pioneer Suspensions

8. Stickered Taxi

Stickered Taxi

9. Stickers


10. Batman Stickers

Batman Stickers

11. Cingular Ad

Cingular Ad

12. Duracell Escalator

Duracell Escalator


13. Comedy Central

Comedy Central

14. Folgers coffee

Folgers coffee

15. Folliderm


16. Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym

17. Oldtimer Restaurants

Oldtimer Restaurants

18. Pantene


19. Metro windshield

Metro windshield

20. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

21. Parking


22. Peep hole

Peep hole

23. San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

24. Schizophrenia awareness

Schizophrenia awareness

25. Toreador


In this article we have presented some out of the box ideas of sticker advertisements that are used by some of the renowned brands. These screenshots will also help the viewers to get an idea of the strategic positions in which these advertisements can be placed so that it can get the maximum amount of attention from the clients. Enjoy browsing through these sticker advertisements as that will help you to gain some useful inspiration about the correct usage of sticker advertisements.

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