Selling WordPress themes: is it a profitable affair?


Recently, the developers behind Word Press celebrated the first decade of this amazing content management system (CMS). Even if we like or not, Word Press has its major contribution for the huge developing of the online environment; in the short history of Internet, it has a special page. Much more, Word Press didn’t say its last word, therefore we may still expect pleasant surprises.

The bloggers and developers highlighted the advantages of Word Press in tons of blog posts and it’s redundant to say that it is free, simple, efficient and extremely customizable. In spite of that, almost everyone neglected a “magic” feature of Word Press: it financially rewards everyone that loves him! Yep, it sounds a little bit crazy but don’t worry, it’s not wrong! I can prove it!

Selling WordPress themes is still a very profitable affair. Honestly, I considered that these projects can’t bring much money and sooner or later, the market will be supersaturated with themes. Well, few days ago, I changed my opinion. It’s enough to check some Word Press themes markets and notice that the profit is very motivating for developers. It’s true that the Internet is full with many Word Press themes but the web evolved and a superb and functional theme from 2008 is totally outdated nowadays. Besides that, responsive design changed the way of creating websites and this “revolution” contributed to the profitability of selling themes.

The screenshots below are the best evidence that this occupation is truly profitable.







You didn’t make any mistake, yep; it’s about thousands or even ten thousand dollars. On the other hand, you shouldn’t consider that everyone that has an idea about Word Press may become billionaire. Behind a good looking Word Press theme is a team that worked days and nights and not everyone is capable to sell successful themes. Anyway, selling Word Press themes may represent a very good source of income and any developer that loves this CMS should, at least, try to create and sell a theme. If you are still in doubt, then the reasons below should convince you.

1. The lack of client’s requirement

One of the greatest advantages of selling Word Press themes is the lack of the client’s requirements; in this way, the designer/developer is free to do his best. The lack of enforcements assures the perfect context for creation. Some developers prefer creating general Word Press themes that are suitable for multiple types of projects while others select to work for a particular type. These are suitable for a narrower public, but the chances of being sold are higher. In fact there is a dilemma:

  • Create a general theme that is suitable for multiple projects, but the rate of conversion into a selling is low;
  • Create a particular theme that is suitable for a single/very few projects, but the rate of conversion is higher.

Which solution is better? Well…each type of situation is profitable as long as the quality of the theme is superior. It’s obvious that is difficult to make a decision and sometimes a chief/client may be useful!

2. No deadline or unexpected situations

I think that there is no designer that likes the deadlines or the unexpected situations when a project should be delivered “as soon as possible”. Another advantage of selling Word Press themes is that the deadlines are inexistent. Of course, many Word Press themes are created by teams that establish a plan to follow that should be respected. Anyway, from my personal point of view this situation is definitely more comfortable than having a client that desperately calls you to find out the state of the project.

3. The demand for good Word Press themes

Even if Word Press is ten years old and across time the developers created countless themes, the demand for these is still impressive. It’s enough to study some market themes and see how many times a quality product is sold. Undoubtedly, a good theme will have buyers.

4. The multiple solutions of selling themes

Many online entrepreneurs noticed that people need Word Press themes and the developers need markets to sell these. In conclusion, it was just a matter of time until the first market was launched. Nowadays, we have many possibilities of selling themes- there are many markets and some of them are really famous. Of course, anyone is free to sell his works using the personal portfolio or website but there should be invested in marketing the product. If you have a highly visited website, then is recommended to sell the themes by yourself; else is advisable to use the “realm” of an online market.

5. The possibility of attracting new clients

Everytime a good product attracts potential clients and a Word Press theme isn’t an exception. Therefore, instead of making efforts to follow a marketing strategy is better to let the best promoter speak for you: the quality of the services provided.

6. The recognition of web design community

Another advantage of selling Word press themes is the recognition of the design community. Be honest with you, which designer do you believe is a better option: one that said that he has the best portfolio or someone that informs you that he sold 2000 copies of a theme on “Selling Word Press themes” (don’t google for this name, it’s fictive, used as example).

I should repeat, until recently, I was reserved about making a very solid income from selling themes but the sold registered on some market themes can’t be false, therefore I must recognize that it might be a solution for the personal budget.
What do you think, is selling Word Press themes a good affair? Did you ever sell themes? Please share with us your opinions, the comment form is for you!

About the Author:

Christopher Jackson writes about logo development and best logo design for design freelancer marketplace DesignCrowd.
  • Stacy

    Thanks for the post!

  • tamekap85

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  • Paul Tunstead

    Hi, great post Christopher.

    A point about WP being ten years old is whilst this may be true the technologies now being employed and powering it are indeed, in the future.

    Theme and plugin developers are the ones who imo are now pushing the boundaries. We have just had a back-end update to WordPress(as I’m sure you are aware) that is now responsive, this is in keeping with front end devs who have been pushing out responsive themes and plugins for a good 12-18 months(maybe more) and it is also my belief is we have not even scratched the surface with what WordPress is going to be capable of.

    If you know what you are doing then yes absolutely there is a place for you in making a profit, Just ask themefusion who developed the Avada theme and have now sold close to 55,000 of them in 14 months and even though they will have to cut it with themeforest(who I’m sure will get a better deal) I bet they made a nicer tidy sum. They sell between 700-950 themes every week. Enough said!

    WordPress just keeps going from strength to strength.

  • Subbu PD

    No wonder it’s an profitable affair!

    Best example being Themeforest!