Why You Need An Editorial Project Management Strategy For Your WordPress Sites?


If you are a content marketer you need to think like a publisher. Whether you are writing for a blog post or white paper or creating an infographic the process could be tedious and quite complex. This complexity increases further when you are churning out a lot of content and working with numerous writers and content contributors.

For each piece of content you need to rally the right resources, feedback mechanism, distribute and promote the content and lot more. All these processes become much more disordered when you have got to manage your team across multiple locations. When you seriously want to bring some measure of order to this chaotic process, like most publishers you may turn to spreadsheets or emails. Or you may even be force fitting your tools to such processes that are intended for some other purpose, trying to find your way out of alternative processes. Despite all your best efforts, you probably find yourself struggling to keep your head above water.

WordPress along with its amazing plugins help you to tame this chaos to a great extent. But to explore the benefits of this combination of WordPress and its plugins you definitely need an editorial project management strategy for your WordPress site. A proper editorial project management strategy of your WordPress would not only structure your processes but would also automate a lot of your administrative tasks. Given below is a list of plugins that would help you strategizing your WordPress editorial project management.

1. ContentCloud

ContentCloud is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for WordPress sites launched by Betaout. The first look of the platform seemed to be impressive and the best part is you can even try them out without opening an account with their online demo which is fully functional. With ContentCloud, you’ll experience that you’re not just using WordPress; instead you’re working on a fully featured and customized editorial workflow system. As a publisher or a managing editor you have complete control over your content production process with the power to manage and share resources across multiple sites. ContentCloud automates the entire administrative task making the editors more productive and highly efficient. The interface was very intuitive and easy to learn; also the help desk was prompt enough to answer my queries. Still i would suggest the team ContentCloud to come up with some video tutorials for those who are still new to the editorial workflows. Overall I have found it to be one of the best solutions for efficient editorial project management tools currently available.


2. Newsflow

Newsflow is perfect plugin for WordPress news blogs. This plugin allows the blog administrators to published news from various sources via RSS feed resource links. When I developed my Sports News blog I found this plugin is quite helpful than any other plugin available in the market. This plugin provides an extraordinarily simple user interface that can be handled by even a non-technical or Non-IT people. This plugin offers to add multiple RSS feed to single new blog so that one blog can collaborate with numerous different news source along with moderation support so that the administrator can select what feed is going to be published and what not. This plugin also helps to keep various links in organized link manger. This interface also helps the blog administrator to manage the links more efficiently and with precision. The link mangers also display the reading status beside every link in the table structure to determine whether the link is unread or read. Bloggers can also click on each content link to edit then to create updated custom post publication. The plugin comes default in Swedish language but can be easily transferred to English or other supported language in the configuration page.



3. Post Revision Workflow

Post Revision WorkflowPost Revision Workflow is the WordPress plugin for editing any page or post which has already been published. It is a handy tool for any editor or publishing portal that is using the WordPress platform. The main purpose of this plugin is that to make room for the writer, editor or any writing professional for editing their stuff. One interesting point about this plugin is that we can do the editing works silently. It means that it will do it without sending any email notification to the readers of any blog. Another way, this plugin publishes the modified version of the post normally without changing its originality. Post Revision Workflow plugin saves the revised version of the post as a draft and notify the reviewer. Moreover, it notifies the reviewers with its email so that the reviewer can get the notification about the revision. Technically, we have observed that this plugin is easy to use and perform it according to its capability. We can also specify the multiple reviewers in the input boxes. Even, we can rewrite the email addresses from the database. This plugin has the straightforward approach to revise the published post without changing the workflow of the blog itself. It is very much vital for any publisher or reviewer.

Post Revision Workflow

4. Article List Manager

Article List Manager plugin is developed for the online magazines which run on the WordPress platform. Moreover, the editorial staffs of the online magazine can customize the front pages of the online magazines. This plugin will on the latest WordPress version and also on PHP version 5.3 or more. So it is very much compatible with your WordPress platform. There are a lot of features in this plugin. So we can create the new article list as well as we can use the custom CSS. Template hook and the jQuery templates are also available in this plugin. Advanced caching is also available in this plugin. In the post, we can customize the streamers according to our needs. The streamer means a line of text or image put above the article image. Through this plugin, we can customize the templates as per our needs. So we can explore the WordPress platform fully for the online magazines. Moreover, we can use the keyboard shortcuts in the list editor. As per as the browser compatibility is concerned, it will run smoothly on any latest version of the internet browser. If we install the plugins like Scissors Continued and WordPress Related Posts, then we unlock many features of this plugin.

Article List Manager

5. VoteIt

VoteIt plugin is developed for expressing your views through voting. It is targeted for the visitors of our WordPress blog. Technically, this plugin is simple to use and it has user friendly interface. We can use this plugin with the latest WordPress version. So there will be no compatibility problem with it. Moreover, the main purpose of this plugin is to engage the readers to vote for their decision. It is useful for any WordPress blog owner. Moreover, this simple plugin will allow our readers to cast their vote on our blog posts. So we can make the overall performance of our posts. Our readers can vote in two ways. One is in favor and another is for against. Even, our readers can see their voting count through its initial voting counter feature. The technical voting limit is 8000 votes in this plugin. But still we can customize it through the SQL database according to our needs. Through this plugin, we can also see the top voted posts widget which gives the greater exposure to our readers. The guest can vote for any post through this plugin.


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