12 extremely helpful WordPress cheatsheets


There is a better way to keep all code snippets and function handy, answer is Cheatsheet. Cheatsheets are helpful for every developers or designers. Even though there are not thousands of code to remember in WordPress but it is good idea to have a cheatsheet handy instead of remembering by heart. There are more useful things to do than remembering code, right?

This list features includes referencing to particular tag, calling function, SEO tags, wordpress checklist theme coding tips and many more which will ease your search on the web.

1. hpv24 WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheet

hpv24 WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheet

2. The WordPress Help Sheet

The WordPress Help Sheet

3. WordPress cheat sheet

wordpress cheat sheet

4. WordPress 3.0 Cheet Sheet (All Short Codes)

Wordpress 3.0 Cheet Sheet (All Short Codes)

5. WordPress 3 Template Hierarchy

WordPress 3 Template Hierarchy

6. WordPress Loop

WordPress Loop

7. WordPress V3.0+Template Tag Reference Guide

WordPress V3.0+Template Tag Reference Guide

8. WordPress Theme Development Checklist

WordPress Theme Development Checklist

9. My WordPress Cheat Sheet

My WordPress Cheat Sheet

10. The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet

11. WordPress Help Sheet Wallpaper

WordPress Help Sheet Wallpaper

12. WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet

WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet


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