30 Clean and Light Website Designs

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“Simple living high thinking” works for everyone even for designers. Thinking simple and creating design with simplicity has always been admirable and popular but keeping thing simple and adorable is a challenging task. It is worth getting things simple which can be achieved by correct use of typography and the correct alignment. This mode of design lets you concentrate on certain things and especially you can make your visitors concentrate on the objects or content you want. So opting this kind of design will keep you in a safer side. This collection of clean and light web design have inspired us, hope this collection offers you the inspiration you are looking for. Clean and light designs are used by many website design company as well.

1. The Red Studio

The Red Studio


2. Made by Vadim

Made by Vadim


3. Petros Dimitriadis

Petros Dimitriadis


4. Look up

Look up


5. Supview



6. Dani Croitoru Wedding Films

Dani Croitoru Wedding Films


7. Portfolio and Blog of Tudinh Duong

Portfolio and Blog of Tudinh Duong


8. Krishnan Kutty

Krishnan Kutty


9. Whiteloupe



10. Chimp Chomp

Chimp Chomp


11. Startingbloc



12. Lavuh



13. MRCTHMS Freelance Graphic Design

MRCTHMS Freelance Graphic Design


14. Developer drive

Developer drive



15. Lesseverything



16. Solo



17. Efficax energy

Efficax energy


18. Metaphiziks



19. Decorated playlists

Decorated playlists


20. 3Degrees Design Agency

3Degrees Design Agency


21. Jason Reed

Jason Reed


22. Eduardo de La Rocque: Interaction Designer

Eduardo de La Rocque: Interaction Designer


23. Kantt



24. Synthview



25. CWD (Contempoworld Design)

CWD (Contempoworld Design)


26. Made with love

Made with love


27. Tidy web studio

Tidy web studio


28. Read the kanji

Read the kanji


29. Konsebt



30. Uproar Public Relations

Uproar Public Relations


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  • Darbargrill

    Hello I can also suggest one more site which is clean and clear

    • Anonymous

      Nice website

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    Amazing web designs, its so simple and clean but eye catching web designs :) nice list.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment.

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    wow such a great collection of simple and clean web designs!! 

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  • Sitsols1

    These are very clear and light web designs.Looks soothing to eyes.web design dubai

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    You forgot my website 😉  http://www.martin-fabricius.dk

  • Cathy Dutton

    Great selection of sites, I am a big
    fan of simple, clean and fresh looking websites and always on the
    look out for new ideas and sources of inspiration. I particularly
    like the “look up” design, I think the contrast between the white
    background and bright pink logo really help the site to stand out. I
    will defiantly try out a few of these ideas in future projects.

  • Guest

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    Thought this was a great article and
    there are some truly inspiring designs in this collection. I really
    love clean feel to the designs and the use of space really makes the
    graphics stand out within them. I also really like the use of
    typography, there is a great mix of styles and some great ideas when
    it comes to the layout of the typography on the pages. Thought this
    was a great tutorial and I look forward to more articles from

  • http://www.thenerdblurb.com Jeremiah

    WAD, another great post, and a great collection of what I call “Less is more” Websites… This is a great example of how something very very simple, yet professional, is usually more effective than something very elaborate and “over the top.” There is an old saying KISS, that I’m sure most people have heard of, which means “Keep is simple stupid….” Well I think that applies here too, if you can keep it extremely, clean, sleek, simply, yet professional, you are already on the right track. Nice post again WAD!

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    Good one sharing.

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    selection. Some of these websites are really great. Thanks for sharing!..Nice
    selection. Some of these websites are really great. Thanks for sharing!

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    Amazing.. Really inspirational web designs they all look professional and that is why people prefer clean and simple design of website. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Great Examples! It really shows that a clean website using minimal graphics really can be attractive. It allows the viewers to really stay on the page and see what the company has to offer because they are not distracted by numerous graphics or a slow loading website.

  • Adam Waugh

    Good Information regarding Websites. Web Sites are of very light and suiting colors. I was looking for same kind of websites. Thanks for sharing knowledge.