50 Letterpress business card design for inspiration


Letterpress printing is relief printing of text and image using a press with a “type-high bed” printing press and movable type, in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a positive right-reading image. Letterpress effect on business card create a raised or depressed effect which gives clean and creative look to a business card.

This post showcases inspirational letterpress business cards from designers, photographers, and businesses around the globe.

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1. Distillery Studio

2. Kinetic Lens Letterpress Cards

3. Alfred Salom

4. Bluebird Business Card

5. Anemone Letterpress

6. Fuse Design

7. KG Creative

8. Historic Tattoo

9. Secret Agent Man

10. Sarah Powers Media

11. Moon Woods

12. TK Smith

13. Still Motion

14. Vida

15. Ocean House

16. Susanna Ryan

17. Chris Kaufman

18. Emily Deisrath

19. Rebecca Peters Letterpress Printing

20. Jason McGrew

21. Gustavo

22. The Royal Chains

23. Kim Bentley

24. Karen Cleid

25. Beautiful Blind Impression Business Card


26. Vian Events Letterpress Business Card

27. Penelope Jones Interior Design

28. Harmony Interior Design

29. McElroy Architecture

30. Cleverly Cut

31. Adam Hudson Business Card

32. Denim Letterpress

33. Whitney Shaw

34. D. James Goodwin

35. 40 Sardines

36. Stage Right

37. Kerri McConnell

38. Human Hand Varnish

39. Identity Kitchen

40. Shotwell’s Bar

41. Space150

42. Koodoz Design

43. Cinq Partners

44. Smart Penguin

45. Clint Shuttlesworth

46. Mind Punch

47. Pamela Pilsner Details Events

48. My Old Red hat

49. Culinary Culture

50. What’s Up Juggling


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  • http://manilenio.co.cc jon

    loved it! very nice designs and implementations :)

  • Cher

    Nice collection. Thanks for putting together!

  • http://www.onlineprintingservices.net/ OnlinePrintingServices

    I enjoyed the ‘Alfred Salom’ business cards. They don’t overuse the letterpress methodology in the design like many other card designs. It’s used as a subtle accent, and I believe this is the best approach towards an elegant business card. Well, at least this is my preference.

    The cards by ‘Harmony Interior Design’ have a beautiful design. The cards aren’t as minimalistic, but yet the overall design is still very attractive.

    I enjoy these creative and inspirational design articles.

  • http://weboutsourcing-gateway.com/ web development

    A valuable inspiration. I like Sussana Ryan and McElroy Architecture

  • Kuldeep Dangi

    Awesome collection, Really a nice share.
    Thanks for sharing :)