Brand positioning through Mobile Apps


Branding includes developing a promise, converting that promise to assurance and maintaining it. Brand management is nothing but an art of creating and sustaining the brand. Branding makes customers committed to your business. A strong brand differentiates your products from the competitors. It gives a quality image to your business. Do the customer perceive brand in the same way, I believe brand to a customer is related to Source of product, Delegating responsibility to the manufacturer of product, Lower risk, Less search cost, Quality symbol, Symbolic device.

The fact of consumer perception towards branding emphasizes that company should change the medium to position their brand according to the demand of the market and the market demands mobile apps as today people are spending more and more time consuming content on mobile devices and as 3g, 4g and Wi-Fi, Data’s show this trend is going to increase rapidly in years to come.


You might say, my company has its website and we can reach to the people, we have made our self ready for the change in the consumer behavior!! But my dear friend are you sure your website is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. Though some Smartphone, like the iPhone, have mobile browsers that make viewing regular WebPages possible, some users may have limited data plans or slow mobile internet what are your plans on that? Are you in a stake to lose these Niche group of people? So its time you should think about the multi-billion dollar industry that is growing every day. As stated by Nielsen Company report, the data shows that Smartphone make up about 30% of the mobile phone market in the United States. Another relevant data from the same Nielsen report, projects smart phones to make up over 50% of the mobile phone market by year’s end. As the smart phone market expands, so does the mobile app market, but the mobile market is not just limited to Smartphone. It also includes tablets and other mobile devices such as the iPod Touch. The jest is people have their phone on hand, and developing mobile apps will help you reach to the niche market.


You might question me by saying why are you yapping about Mobile apps I can have a mobile version of my site. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth developing a mobile website, but a mobile app allows you to offer more functionality and features to engage your customer. So why bother creating a mobile version rather than getting the most out of the application.

I can see that, you are moreover convinced that mobile apps can help you position your brand. So know you need to know about the variety of app types thus available and how they are different. As your mobile application should depend on your company and your business plan.


The first thing that you have to be clear and certain is why are you having a mobile apps. Is it for customer and your brand or you want to add it up with monetary benefit. Mobile apps vary in purpose–from directly generating revenue through in app advertisements or app sales to providing a utility or additional benefit for your customers. You can take an example of Netflix it provides a mobile app for their subscribers to be able to view video on their mobile devices and is not directly making any money out of this app. Yes, the app is absolutely free, there are no ads–but they have created an additional attribute for their subscribers, thus making their service more appealing. With the use of mobile apps they have created a new market for themselves.

So from the example of American-based provider of on-demand internet streaming video in the United States and Canada we can see how mobile app is valuable, the way it adds value to your brand and provides you with marketing benefits, So if you have not created an optimized mobile website, make sure your websites is usable on mobile devices. If it is not, creating a mobile version of your website should be your main concern after creating your mobile app. So all the very best hope your company can create a new market for themselves with the mobile apps that you are creating.

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    it quite a novel concept never heard of positioning through apps. sounds good to me

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    Good stuff.

    I wish firms would understand this: “you have to be clear and certain is why are you having a mobile apps.” and not just ‘run to get an app’ because it sounds kewl without knowing what they want from it. A brand is a precious thing and needs to be maintained even at a mobile level :)


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