12 Beautiful Illustrated Fantasy Landscapes


Fantasy allows us to create a world that is unrestricted by reality. It transforms us into a different realm where magic is employed and hopes and dreams can come true. This is why fantasy landscapes are so appealing.

Everyone yearns for something magical and enchanted, and many very talented designers have created beautiful illustrations of fantasy landscapes that almost make dreams come to life. Check out the stunning work of inspiring fantasy artists below to see how much an illustration can pique your imagination.


1. Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

Who wants to live in a house that is above the clouds? All of us. You can swing high up in the tree and grow sunflowers in your garden without being restricted by gravity.

2. Romantic Castle with Gushing Falls

Romantic Castle with Gushing Falls

A castle set in a romantic landscape of gushing water and a stunning backdrop of clouds and sunset is purely magical. You can almost see the knight in shining armor bringing his rescued damsel back to the castle to live happily ever after.

3. Dreamy Sailboat in Low Contrast

 Dreamy Sailboat in Low Contrast

This edge of the world illustration is brilliant with water spilling over what appears to be a sculptured platform. The very low contrast in this image makes it even more powerful and enchanting.

4. Amidst the Forest: Green Fairy Homes

Amidst the Forest: Green Fairy Homes

Do you know where fairies live? Perhaps in these cottages located in huge tree barks. The green color scheme creates a forest-like beauty, untouched by modern civilization.

5. The Radiance of Luna

The Radiance of Luna

This is perhaps a modern rendition of a fantasy landscape with the road leading to the horizon that features a supersized radiant moon. The sharpness of the image creates a reality-based fantasy—an austere contrast.

6. The Full Moon in Monochrome

The Full Moon in Monochrome


This is actually a collection of fantasy landscapes but I particularly love the last image. This monochromatic interpretation of a full moon reveals the appearance of a wolf in the river.

7. Snow Fantasy

Snow Fantasy

Snow-capped mountains and white fig trees beneath a fantastical sky of clouds and a moon create an image of sheer beauty and radiance.

8. The World Wars

The World Wars

Destructive and forceful, this fantasy landscape features sharp images and vivid colors. Can war really look this stunning?

9. When the Wolf Cry

When the Wolf Cry

The silhouette created by the wolf is a perfect contrast to the luminosity of the two moons and the glistening stars. You can almost hear the wolf howling into the crisp night air.

10. Windows that See Beyond

Windows that See Beyond

The delicate windows opening to a beautiful oil-painting rendition of a mountainous landscape is breathtaking. The lighting in this illustration reveals the work of a true artist.

11. Iceberg or Castle?

Iceberg or Castle?

An iceberg with a white castle or an entire castle made to look like an iceberg? Regardless of which is which, the white and blue color scheme, glass-like water, and textured snow make this image worthy of note.

12. They Were Destined to Meet

They Were Destined to Meet

Clean, crisp and refreshing, this image conjures up the possibility of the sky, the moon, and the clouds meeting in the horizon.

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  • Julie Meldrom

    Good to know there are other design inspirational websites and resources out there rather than flickr, devianart,… (some of the popular one). Its good to promote these websites as well. However conclusion is gr8 post with good description for each fantasy landscapes.

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      Thanks, Julie! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post.

  • Shane Neville

    Beautiful landscape images and well written article.

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      Thanks! I really enjoyed putting these images together!

  • Kular

    Are these created with softwares like photoshop, 3d max or what, really love to design a fantasy landscapes myself.

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      I wouldn’t know for sure unless I contacted each artist, but more than likely most of them were designed in Adobe Illustrator. Usually digital artwork is easiest to create in Illustrator because of the program’s advanced drawing tools. You should Google “Illustrator drawing tutorials” or “Illustrator fantasy tutorials.” There are lots of great tutorials out there perfect for learning to draw digital illustrations.

  • http://downloadcomputersoftware.blogspot.com mahmoedm

    Wow .. Fantastic landscape Pictures, i like it so much…
    The Radiance of Luna –> ( Now, This is my desktop wallpaper )

    • June

      Thats my fav too

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      I bet it makes a gorgeous wallpaper! Glad you liked the post.

  • http://esvelte.com Shawn Jasper

    These are great designs. Just seeing them makes me so jealous. They really are an inspiration. After seeing these designs, it makes me want to even push myself harder so that one day my work too would be posted just like these fine artists.

    • http://www.printplace.com Tara Hornor

      I know what you mean about being jealous! I would also love to have the talent displayed by these artists. I’m sure, though, that with practice you too could produce artwork as beautiful as these. My husband, who can sit down with an instrument and write hauntingly beautiful music on the spot, always tells me that talent is nothing more than thousands of hours of practice and having the right tools at your disposal.

  • cole mckelvey