35 Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design

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Old times are always graceful and classy old style with classical touch gives you good feeling and the antic touch is admired by most. Web design changes with the trend in the market, at times it is glossy, colorful and hot. But web design trends come and go and they can change daily – you can never be sure what’s “BUZZ” and what sells better. However one style that you can be unquestionable, indisputable is the antique style. Vintage web design, appears pretty nice and the worthy aspect it is suitable for mostly all the themes that can be thought about. The retro texture of design gives a sincere feeling of being back in time. It is easy to justify that vintage style rules but the point that stops many is the pretty aspect to achieve the effect of real vintage photo.

It takes a lot of practice but practice is what brings perfection so you should definitely go for it. We have made an attempt to select some of the innovative and inspiring examples of retro and vintage web design, so check them all and go for it .

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1. Tennessee Vacation

Tennessee Vacation

2. RxBalance


3. Level 2 design

Level 2 design

4. Retro affect

Retro affect

5. Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell

6. Pointless Corp

Pointless Corp

7. Custom design

Custom design

8. Eighty two design

Eighty two design

9. Thunderfuel


10. Ryan Scherf

Ryan Scherf

11. Vondutch


12. AdaptD


13. Singularity concepts

Singularity concepts

14. Slabovia


15. Sensi Soft

Sensi Soft

16. Cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil

17. Fortyseven media

Fortyseven media


18. Visual Republic

Visual Republic

19. ShawnJohnston


20. Gary Nock

Gary Nock

21. The Dollar Dreadful Family Library

The Dollar Dreadful Family Library

22. Thrush Exhaust

Thrush Exhaust

23. Lanikai properties

Lanikai properties

24. The Wayward Irregular

The Wayward Irregular

25. The Greg Brady Project

The Greg Brady Project

26. Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian

27. Devotchka


28. Tenthmil


29. Mediaboom


30. Target scope

Target scope

31. The Antique Piano Shop

The Antique Piano Shop

32. Farinella Italian Bakery

Farinella Italian Bakery

33. Small stone

Small stone

34. Prahba


35. Ready made designs

Ready made designs


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    I like this collection of retro sites, I love the retro style in fact I made ​​some items to decorate the retro look this freebies

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    Awesome post.Vintage and retro elements in web design is in trend.Retro
    style designs has a unique style which make it look like taken from a
    old photography and also make the website feel it so unique from the
    rest of the modern style designs.

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    Here is another vintage site: http://www.rapidtell.com.

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