Inspirational websites of the week VI


We have come up with fresh website inspirational showcase of the week. When we want to develop a new website, some sort of idea or inspiration should be taken into consideration before we built it. These website would definitely help you with some sort of inspiration and we will continue to present top design website each week for you. Pour in your ideas and inspiration websites that you spotted.



1. Xperi Social Xperiments

Xperi Social Xperiments


2. Layers



3. Winter Driving Training Center

Winter Driving Training Center


4. Orlando Restaurant

Orlando Restaurant


5. webzguru




6. Handle with love

Handle with love


7. ArtFlavours



8. Urbana 47

Urbana 47


9. Cafe Ommbla

Cafe Ommbla


10. Yum Creative

Yum Creative


About the Author:

Web designer/developer holding Masters degree in IT, currently living in Australia. Passionate about Wordpress, PHP, Fireworks and Jquery.
  • When Harry

    webzguru… seriously?
    seems like a co… ehm tribute…

  • Julie Morris

    Xperi Social Xperiments stands high than the other designs

  • andretti brown

    very cool sites thank you for sharing them with us