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Blog is a tangible demonstration of creative effort. It is in a simple term a platform where an individual can share its feeling, expression, guideline through text, pictures, and videos. We human beings are social animal, we like to share thought make a difference and motivate people to move our way .Blog is one medium which helps us convey a message in fewer words with a greater impact.

As you are thinking of making a difference, it is the right time you start to blog. There are number of questions that makes you ponder when you think about blog .the first thing that arises is what do I blog about? Where shall I convey my thoughts? Who am I blogging with? Here I some few answers to your queries, following these suggestions you can in no time be a very popular blogger blogging in your own style and way.

The ultimate blogging platform, where shall you start


Blogging Platform

Before moving ahead into what you want to express. It is necessary you find out where you are going to portray your thoughts .For this different blogging platform are available, some are free whereas some cost you subscription either monthly or yearly. Some are hosted for you whereas some entail you to do it on your own.

The best way to start is through the hosted blogging platform like,, MSN Spaces, Type Pad. These are at your service free and easy to use and with a minimum of setup.

When you are well to do with the concept of blog and are in a state to create things your way then you can think about creating your own blog in your own style.

You have the platform, now you are ready to take off the flight of blogging

Blog is a creative means through which you flow your ideas, so you need to be clear what you want others to know from you as a result you are able to bring in some innovative and impressive ideas which the world appreciates. So you need to have an aim a destination a view that you want to express. The assertive action as a blogger would be selecting a theme. A theme that will help you lead your way.

Theme is rather considered important as theme helps you move in a correct path, and synchronizes the blogging chart . When you know the topic you want to talk about you have a target audience a niche market who can listen to what you have say. Having a theme helps a blogger frequently update the post which increases the charm of blogging making the blog appreciated by people around.

How will you make your blog stand out in the crowd

blog stand out

How will you make your blog stand out in the crowd

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The biggest challenge as a blog author is to bring in people your way and make them listen to what you have to say. For this you need to follow certain guidelines which shall make your blog outstanding .the things that will help you outreach to the target group are:

Have a niche market

Market niche


Market niche

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You need to have an understanding of who are you catering to, what is that your reader would like to hear from you .Once you understand you have won half the battle of blogging .

Use chivalrous title and gallant content

Title represents your blog , title is the thing that makes the first impression so it is necessary you draw the attention of your reader through the title and grab them into the content. Content needs to be outstanding and worth reading as no one in today’s busy schedule like to buzz on something that is not worth. So through voracious reading make your content out of this world.

See to it that your post is short clear lively and important of all impressive

You blog to make an impression .A impressive blog in return turns out to be effective creating hype for the things that you blog about. People don’t have time for bogus stuff. So try and make your blog to the point, do not use jargon, and do not engulf your readers by stuffing them with more than a single idea into each sentence.

These few tips and you can lead the blogging platform as every sector has some rules to follow and regarding blogging there are some copyright issue that you can’t ignore. As ignorance can become a nightmare if you manipulate the copyright stuff. So as you embark into the field of blog you need to consider copyright fact. The simple technological advancement can result in illegal and costly mistakes so as a blogger you need to consider these simple dos and don’t of copyright law.

Things that copyright permits



If it’s in public domain you can get hold of it. Public domain refers to documents and materials published by the federal government and those materials that has been produced before 1977 without a copyright notice. So if materials in these places is of any use to you, you can go forward with it.

Facts and figures can be utilized

Facts and ideas reported on articles or websites are considered fair to use as facts and ideas are universally correct and comes in consent to every individual.

Apart from the Facts and figure things that are considered fair

According to the book of copyright names, familiar symbols, listings of ingredients or contents, short phrases, titles, slogans and procedures can be used and are considered fair if used with no dire act.

Make it yours if you are criticizing

Quotation and logo is of your use, But you need to be cautious while using them as Copyright is only consent to the use of quotation, logo for criticism, commentary or news reporting the other aspect that needs to be taken care of is the quote that you are using should involve only a small portion of the work, it in no ways should imitate the “sensitivity” of the material.

Things that are against the book of copyright



If you need it you have to ask for it

The materials that are kept under copyright issue can only be used with strict permission from the author. So if you need any material take it with the consent of the author and you will be in the legal boundary of copyright.

What if there is no copyright symbol?

The materials which are not shown under the copyright should not be copied .As all published work automatically gets copyright protection, whether articulated with a notice or not.

You can’t act smart by removing what you have copied

If you are thinking on acting smart by copying the material and in case of trouble removing it. Your smartness wont help you from copyright intrusion, and if the author gets an idea for sure you will be real trouble.

Think twice while comparing direct copying with creative commons

If the site is licensed creative common than you are in a stare to use its material but you need to be clear that nothing is free in this world you have to credit the author whose material you are using. Creative common license is liberal than copyright but it has certain obligation that you have to fulfill .so be cautious when you are using it as you cant just grab it but you have to credit the author for using it.

With all the assertive action and preemptive measures you are now ready to blog. So run in the track of blogging and bit all the racers through innovation.


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