Top 15 social bookmarking plugins for WordPress to share your blog post


Blogging is all about reaching to people with all your thought and getting them to your website in a very positive manner. These days the competition from the social network zone is really up lining which is making the job of bloggers tough. Earlier things could have be easy by writing great posts, making exclusive use of SEO, sharing links etc. but this is not enough in today’s context . So to meet up with the expectation of the web crowd it is essential one show its presence so here we have brought together some exclusive plugins for WordPress that is appreciably going to help you get more out of social networks, attracting more traffic and supporters.

Don’t miss getting along with the popular social network sites.

1. Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook Connect

If you want to add any sort of Facebook Connect functionality of your choice to a WordPress blog connect, Simple Facebook connect which his a sequence of plugins helps you achieve it.


2. Mingle



This plugin will turn your WordPress website into a Social Network. Mingle can be used to start a new Social Networking website or can be used with the existing registered users on your Website Social Bookmarking buttons.


3. Socialite



This allows WordPress posts to publish to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. With socialite each social networking site can be enabled or disabled for publishing. Turn Word Press into a social network site or community Social network site calls in a lot of competition, the competition cannot be foreseen so you need to try on despite the fact competition persists is though and while Word Press is an excellent tool it may not be enough.


4. Google Buzz Button For WordPress

Google Buzz Button For WordPress

Google Buzz Button For WordPress

Google Buzz Button for WordPress is a plugin which in your WordPress posts/pages will insert a Google Buzz Bookmark button. These button can be added manually or before or after the content automatically.


5. AddToAny



AddToAny helps reader bookmark, share and save your write up and pages using services, such as Facebook, MySpace, Delicious and all the rest.


6. Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks


7. Social Bookmarking RELOADED

Social Bookmarking RELOADED


Social Bookmarking RELOADED


8. Follow me

Follow me

Follow me


9. Sharethis



Moreover like Add to Any “ShareThis” makes it easy to add most of the share and bookmarking sites. Sharethis is not a plugin but it makes it feasible to increase traffic and engagement by simply adding the button to your blog.


10. Light Social

Light Social

Light Social

If you are into inserting a set of social share links at the bottom of each post light social is a super lightweight plugin. With light social you can simply activate or deactivate to show or not the bookmark social links.


11. I Love Social Bookmarking plugin

I Love Social Bookmarking plugin

I Love Social Bookmarking plugin


12. Gregarious




13. Social Dropdown

Social Dropdown

Social Dropdown


14. Tell a friend

Tell a friend

Tell a friend


15. Bookmarkify





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About the Author:

Web designer/developer holding Masters degree in IT, currently living in Australia. Passionate about Wordpress, PHP, Fireworks and Jquery.
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  • Jack DiMarco

    I’d recommend adding SexyBookmarks by Shareaholic to the list.

  • WAD

    @Jack thanks for mentioning Sexybookmarks . How could I missed that.

  • PixelCrayons

    Blogging is all about reaching to people with all your thought and getting them to your website in a very positive manner.

  • Omer Greenwald

    Great collection of plugins. I think AddtoAny is the best because it doesn’t load a JS file when not used.

  • Bottomless

    Here’s the Facebook Like button plugin (for the new Like button released April 21st 2010) available from WordPress:

  • andy

    I like the adaptability of share and follow. It’s only one month old so far and growing in to a nice application…

    I am a bit bias as I made it. So far I have only glowing reports from everyone. People like the share url image setup quite a lot as others dont have it.

    Just about to re-invent into version 2 with a new menu and many other features and icons/networks.


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  • clippingimages

    Wow!!!! nice work.its helpful

  • hacker9

    excellent post buddy,.. i like Mingle the most

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  • tangologix

    Thanks for this wonderful list! Going to check few right now. i was looking for add to any plugin, thanks for avail. thanks man

  • Kaylee Lopez

    I am kind of new to social bookmarking but social bookmarks presents great resource when doing research.~,-

  • doodoo

    You use the digg digg plugin and yet there’s no mention about it on your blog at all.. Why is that?

  • maisaiah

    do you mind sharing the plugins you have on your site , i like the slider on the left side and also the bookmarks at the end of each post on your blog.. Thanks

  • jeff

    Great article.

    Question: What plugin is running on your site that gives you the Tweet, Digg, Facebook, Stmbl tool bar to the left of the article?

    It is great!

    • WAD

      Hi Jeff,
      The social media thingy on the left hand side of the article is not a plugin it is custom build easy jquery thing.
      This article might help you to achieve same result.


  • ovidiu

    In case anyone is interested in the floating thinggy on the left side here, there is a plugin that can do that:

  • Phil

    Great list of plugins, there’s so many Social Bookmark ones out there its difficult to choose. I decided upon SexyBookmarks for my site which I think would be a worthy addition to your list.

  • Tommy

    Great list! I really like the Follow Me Plugin. Just used it for my company blog. Thanks.

  • jeiboy

    I love the I Love Social Bookmarking plugin.nice plugin.just an opinion..

  • Jon Bishop

    Most of my clients ask for the Socialize plugin so they can easily manage bookmarks on individual posts and pages. It also makes it easy for them to add a call to action below their posts with more buttons.

  • Satish

    Can you tell me plugins just likde digg diggg, they are really good with numbering 😀 please tell me same like that. i can see only one share this !! in list similar to digg digg :) Thanks :)

  • jean Valjean


    Thanks for the list. Just a little question, what is the name of the social share plugin floating on the left side of the window that you are using by now? I would like to add it to my blo too. thanks for sharing.


  • Lima

    Very good and informative article indeed, i am running lots of wordpress blog and looking for some good bookmarking plugins. Thanks

  • Richard

    Wad, what is the name of the widget/plugin you use to get the buttons on the bottom of your post?

    • WAD

      That is not a plugin it is embeded in the theme or template.

  • MXN

    thanks for the list…will try them on my blog

  • Ioana

    To manage my bookmarks i have used a bookmark manager called Advanced Url Catalog.

  • Joyoge Designers Bookmark

    nice list, thanks for share..

  • resis123

    Well thanks for this information it will really gonna help a lot of people
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  • Rabi

    Here are some moremust have security plugins for wordpress:

  • Victor

    Nice plugin set, even in 2011 Ill use it for my new blog.

  • African mango reviews

     I have been using most of the plugins already but I got to know few more. These plugins are really cool and plus they provide great features. Loved the post.

  • shajid shafee

    Probably i used more social book mark and plugins, but somehow i really like to read your posts. Awesome
    Matt Huston Ex2 System

  • Linked Influence review

    This is really awesome plugins, very useful for me, Thank you! Linked Influence Review

  • srinivas lakumarapu

    Awesome Plugins… very easy to use.. thanks for sharing…Srinivas

  • Tim Fletcher

    You have missed a very important plugin . This solves
    the problem to install different plugins for social login, social
    sharing ans social commenting. Works like a charm and best part is their
    support agility which makes it the best plugin I have used

  • website optimization services

    Thanks for sharing this awesome information.